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Foaming Drain Line Treatment

There’s nothing worse than trying to do business with insects around, distracting odors, or overflowing drains due to backups, especially in the foodservice industry. Drain issues can lead to unpleasant customer experiences, loss of business, and even suspension in operations due to health code violations.


Thankfully, Enviro-Master has a solution to help you avoid these issues caused by inefficient drains. Our weekly Foaming Drain Line Service attacks the source by shocking the system at startup and injecting an Enzyme bio-active foam into all drains and down drain lines. The foam covers the entire circumference of the interior of the drain system, allowing the bio-active enzyme to digest the food source for flies and drain backup.

EM is the only company to have their Health and Safety Technicians foam your drains weekly to keep drain and drain line issues from reoccurring.  Enviro-Master’s Sani-Drain Foaming Drain Line service keeps your drains free of clogs and keeps your facility insect and odor-free.

Best of all, this system is a completely organic way to free your facility of fruit and drain flies, keep your drains free of clogs, and eliminate odors. Our Health and Safety Technicians even check and maintain your drains weekly to make sure that everything is functioning as it should be.