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Sani-Guard Electrostatic Spraying

In today’s social media environment an outbreak of Norovirus, Hepatitis, or other communicable diseases can cause irreparable harm to your business brand.

Enviro-Master’s Electrostatic Spraying Service uses a disinfectant containing active ingredients that are EPA-registered to kill Coronaviruses.


Enviro-Master is the only company that will send a certified Health and Safety Technician to disinfect your facility weekly using an electrostatic sprayer, which distributes an environmentally safe hospital-grade germicide. The sprayer places a positive charge on the germicide, which enables it to adhere more effectively to all surfaces. Best of all because EM’s Sani-Guard uses oxygen to kill bacteria and viruses’ germs cannot build a resistance to the product.


Because Sani-Guard is harmless to humans and the environment Sani-Guard can be used anywhere in your business. Sani-Guard is food safe and can be applied to all surfaces—even food preparation areas. That’s why we highly recommend this service to foodservice establishments like restaurants and food courts, as well as gyms, daycares, offices, schools, and many other types of facilities where germs are common.


In 2019 Enviro-Master had the University of Arizona test the effectiveness of its germicide products in a typical office breakroom, a restroom, and a classroom. The University of Arizona studies found a 96% reduction in bacteria in the food preparation area and a 99% reduction in bacteria in the sink countertop area. We also tested the effectiveness of Enviro-Master’s Sani-Guard service in the classroom and found that after each weekly treatment, bacteria levels on the desktops were reduced by 99.2%.

– Dr. Charles Gerba, Ph.D. – Microbiologist, University of Arizona