COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines in Atlanta, GA

After many months, Governor Kemp has now allowed Atlanta restaurants to reopen dining rooms as long as they follow certain COVID-19 safety guidelines. These recommendations are in place to ensure the safety of employees, patrons, and the general community. Here are a few of the most important regulations your establishment needs to pay attention to.

Regulations for Workers

In the guidelines, there are numerous regulations for workers that all restaurants must adhere to. A few of the biggest ones include the fact that staff must wear face coverings during all interactions with patrons and restaurants should stagger employee work hours as possible. Employees exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 should go home and not complete their shift.

Physical Requirements

As expected, Atlanta restaurants are also expected to adhere to numerous physical requirements prior to restarting in-person dining. The most important ones you need to know are:

  • Physical Distancing: Patrons must be seated a minimum of six feet apart to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Rolled Silverware: Rolled silverware should be used in lieu of table presets. Further, disposable silverware is preferred.
  • Paper Menus: The use of disposable paper menus that are discarded after each patron’s use is preferred.
  • Plexiglass Barriers: Where applicable, installation of plexiglass barriers between customers and staff.
  • No Congregation of Customers: Do not allow patrons to congregate in waiting areas or in bars without applicable social distancing space.
  • Separate Entrance and Exit: Restaurants are encouraged to create separate entrances and exits for patrons.
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations: Restaurants must have hand sanitizer stations equipped with liquid hand sanitizer with at least a 60% alcohol content.
  • Remove Self-Service Stations: All self-service drink, condiment, silverware, and salad bar stations should be removed. Employees should help patrons get these items versus allowing them to do it alone.

Again, we want to stress that this is not a complete list and that all restaurant owners and managers should refer back to the full guideline sheet for details.

COVID-19 Restaurant Cleaning Precautions

Of course, cleaning and sanitation is super important during this reopening phase of in-person dining. The main guidelines mentioned in the State of Georgia’s Executive Order include:

  • Thorough Sanitization Before Reopening: Restaurants are advised to perform a thorough sanitization and cleaning of all dining facilities before reopening.
  • Between Diner Cleanings: Between patrons, employees are expected to sanitize table condiments, digital ordering devices, tabletops, and other items that are regularly touched.
  • Restroom Sanitization: Bathrooms must be routinely cleaned and sanitized throughout the operational day.
  • Playgrounds: If choosing to open a restaurant playground, it should be fully sanitized and cleaned multiple times per day.

Finding a Partner to Help with COVID-19 Cleaning

As an Atlanta restaurant, it is a good idea to have a partner on standby to help with major cleaning procedures. At Enviro-Master Services, we’re here to make the process easy and simple. We’re highly knowledgeable about Atlanta restaurant reopening guidelines and can help you get your dining room fully sanitized for the reopening process. Stay safe with our COVID cleaning service and bathroom cleaning service. Contact us today to learn more!

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