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Bank Cleaning Checklist — Are You Missing These 7 Things?

When people choose a bank, their number one concern is to find one that is trustworthy. They want an institution with a spotless reputation to handle their money. In order to convey that to people who walk in your doors, your bank needs to be physically spotless as well.

Unfortunately, your bank may not be as clean as you think it is. Here are seven areas that should be on every bank cleaning checklist but often get overlooked.

1. Glass Surfaces

Not only the windows but also any glass doors or glass-topped tables need to be wiped down regularly to keep them free of fingerprints and smudges that can make them cloudy. Squeaky-clean windows will reassure your customers that you are transparent when it comes to your financial practices.

2. The Waiting Area

If a customer needs to wait, even for just a few minutes, they will have a chance to notice any dirt that has been overlooked. The carpets and any upholstered waiting room chairs need to be steam cleaned regularly. Ceiling fans, light fixtures, air vents, and high shelves should be dust-free.

3. Customer Workstations

The counter where customers fill out paperwork is a high-touch/high-traffic area that needs to be sanitized frequently. This includes disinfecting the pens provided for the customers’ use.

4. Teller Stations

Practically everyone who comes into the bank comes into contact with a teller. And tellers handle hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in cash every day. According to WebMD, a dollar bill can have as many as 3,000 types of bacteria on it. That bacteria can be transferred from the bills to the teller’s station and maybe even other bank employees or customers. That’s why the teller’s cash drawer, the counter between them and the customer, and their computer keyboards should be disinfected regularly.

5. The Automatic Teller Machine

The ATM is another item that can sometimes be overlooked. Dozens of people touch the machine’s keypad and screen daily, so it’s important to make sure both are disinfected.

6. The Restrooms

A dirty restroom is not only a breeding ground for all sorts of germs and bacteria, but it also sends a message to those who use it that you aren’t really invested in cleanliness.

7. The Employee Breakroom

Even though the customers will never set foot in here, it’s necessary to keep it clean to prevent foul odors from wafting into the main part of the bank, as well as prevent bug or rodent infestations.

Finding the Right People for the Job

While your janitorial staff may do a good job vacuuming the carpet and emptying the trash cans, it takes so much more to make sure a bank is really clean.

And because of the nature of the banking business, every person hired, be they a full-time employee or temporary contractor, must undergo thorough background checks. Your janitors need to be just as trustworthy as your tellers.

If you hire a reputable hygiene service like Enviro-Master, you not only guarantee the job will be done right, but you can forgo the background checks, as all of our employees are licensed and bonded, giving you peace of mind.

Let Enviro-Master Can Take Care of Your Bank Cleaning Checklist

Enviro-Master is familiar with the unique demands of cleaning banks and other financial institutions and offers a variety of services to make sure your facility is as clean as it can be.

Our Electrostatic Spraying Service quickly and efficiently applies a hospital-grade disinfectant to all hard surfaces. Our technicians use a sprayer that not only lets them apply the solution in hard-to-reach areas, it also gives the solution an electrostatic charge, lengthening the amount of time it remains on the surfaces. This is important because, too often, disinfectants are wiped off before they have a chance to work.

Our Restroom & Hygiene service deep cleans your restroom, ridding it of any dirt and bacteria that can lead to unpleasant odors. We then use an electrostatic sprayer to provide germ-killing protection for a week until the next service. With our paper management program, your restroom will always be well-stocked with paper towels and toilet paper.

And if your business opts for our Hand Hygiene program, we will set up and maintain hand sanitizing stations so customers can sanitize their hands as they enter and/or exit the bank.

Get in Touch With Enviro-Master today

Contact Enviro-Master, and we’ll show you how we can customize our services to make quick work of your bank cleaning checklist, so your bank is the cleanest it can be.

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