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Benefits of Commercial Gym Cleaning Services

Keeping your gym as clean as possible is essential as a commercial gym owner. With multiple people using the same pieces of equipment, germs can easily build up and spread throughout your gym. This can lead to the spread of illnesses ranging from mild to severe. Making sure your commercial gym is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis helps protect your gym members and employees from getting sick. Understanding your gym’s cleaning needs and the types of gym cleaning services to consider can help ensure that you provide a safe exercise environment for members and a safe work environment for your staff. Keep the following information on commercial gyms and commercial cleaning services in mind.

Gym Cleaning Needs


Commercial gyms can harbor germs if they’re not cleaned regularly. While germs can temporarily fill the air when people cough or sneeze in your gym, the biggest areas of concern are gym equipment and bathrooms. Viruses, bacteria and other germs can build up on exercise equipment and on bathroom surfaces, such as tiles and counters. Although staff and gym members might wipe down equipment after using it, these quick wipes aren’t enough to remove germs and lower the risk of illness. The next person who touches or uses these pieces of equipment risks being exposed to germs and becoming ill. Having gym deep cleaning services done on equipment helps reduce this risk.

Gym bathrooms are another common source of contamination. As gym members and staff use these restrooms, germs can quickly accumulate and increase the risk of illness. Damp environments, such as shower stalls, can also be a breeding ground for fungi, mold and other growths. Shower stalls, toilets, counters, floors and other surfaces in gym bathrooms should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to stop the spread of germs. Having commercial cleaning services handle gym bathroom cleaning, as well as cleaning in other areas, helps ensure that your gym continues providing a safe environment.

The cleaning needs of commercial gyms also include locker rooms, front desks and other areas. Having all areas of your commercial gym kept as clean as possible protects against colds, flu, MRSA and other types of viruses and bacteria. When you keep your commercial gym in good condition with regular gym cleaning services, you’re encouraging members to continue using your gym. Keep in mind that routine cleaning can also help keep your gym equipment in good shape, even with repeated use.

Gym Equipment Cleaning Services


Gym equipment can quickly become covered in viruses and other germs as people use it throughout the day. While a quick wipe after use might remove sweat and a small amount of germs, a more thorough cleaning is needed. Electrostatic spraying services provide a convenient and effective way to eliminate germs from your gym equipment. Enviro-Master Services offers this type of cleaning to help you keep your commercial gym as germ-free as possible. Our electrostatic sprayer covers gym equipment with germicides that stick to surfaces better than other cleaning products and disinfectants. This electrostatic cleaning process involves the use of a positive charge that keeps germicides on equipment surfaces for longer periods of time, resulting in a deeper cleaning.

The germicides used to clean gym equipment are non-toxic and do not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This provides added protection against illnesses, so gym members can use your gym equipment with a reduced risk of exposure to germs and other contaminants. Staff who handle gym equipment can also do so without having to worry about germ or contaminant exposure. Our electrostatic disinfectant sprayer can be used on a wide range of gym equipment surfaces, including buttons on control panels. This helps ensure that surfaces that people frequently touch remain free of viruses and other germs.

Gym Bathroom Cleaning Services

Gym bathrooms can become a source of illness due to the amount of germs that accumulate without regular cleaning. Professional commercial cleaning services can help you keep your commercial gym bathrooms in safe condition for staff and gym members. At Enviro-Master Services, we offer the following kinds of commercial cleaning services for gyms.

Restroom Cleaning Services


Our restroom cleaning services help stop germs from toilets and other surfaces from spreading illnesses. With our gym cleaning services that target restrooms, you can count on having bathrooms that don’t put gym members and staff at risk of becoming ill. Our restroom cleaning and disinfection services involve the use of electrostatic spraying with a hospital grade germicide. This powerful germicide helps destroy bacteria, viruses and other germs that usually build up on bathroom surfaces. Before spraying, our Health and Safety Technicians perform deep cleaning to remove uric scale and other debris that attracts bacteria. We then spray your bathrooms with germicide using a positive charge that keeps this disinfectant on surfaces for a longer period of time. With this method, gym bathrooms have week-long protection from germs.

Keeping your restrooms clean using safe, non-toxic cleaning products is important for your gym members and staff. Enviro-Master Services provides an effective way to do so regularly, so that you can provide a safe environment on an ongoing basis. From toilets and shower stalls to counters and sinks, we use the best electrostatic sprayer for a thorough cleaning.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services


Enviro-Master Services also offers tile and grout cleaning services. These disinfectant services remove grime, dirt, germs and other debris from tile and grout surfaces, leaving them in a much cleaner and safer condition. When you have gym members using your bathrooms day after day, debris and germs can build up on tile and grout surfaces. These surfaces can then expose people to harmful germs while also affecting the appearance of your gym bathrooms. Having grime buildup on tile and grout can also create a slippery surface that people can fall or slip on. Removing germs and grime helps keep your bathrooms looking clean and protects gym members and staff from germ exposure and falls.

In some cases, germs and grime on tile and grout can be difficult to remove. Resorting to industrial strength cleaning products means you could be toxic products to remove this debris. At Enviro-Master Services, we use non-toxic, hospital grade germicides to eliminate grime, germs and other debris. Our germicides are also non-corrosive, so you don’t have to worry about them harming the surfaces of tile and grout in your bathrooms. Our cleaning method helps ensure that tile lines and other areas that are hard to reach are effectively cleaned. Our Health and Safety Technicians use specialized equipment with low water pressure and commercial grade extractors that safely remove debris from tile surfaces without causing damage. This helps ensure that tile surfaces throughout your bathrooms are free of germs and grime.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services


Keeping your commercial gym clean on your own can take up valuable time that you could be spending on running your business. Taking a DIY approach to cleaning means you’re unlikely to achieve an environment that’s as germ-free as possible. Instead of handling cleaning yourself or having staff take care of it, consider using professional commercial cleaning services. These services make it easy to maintain a safe and healthy gym environment for members and staff at all times.

When you rely on Enviro-Master Services for gym cleaning, you can depend on having equipment and bathrooms thoroughly cleaned. The benefits you’ll gain from using commercial cleaning services include providing a safe place for members to work out, along with a safe workplace for staff. Professional cleaning reduces the risk of exposure to germs, including bacteria and viruses. With our non-toxic cleaning products, members and staff are also safe from exposure to contaminants. Other benefits of commercial cleaning include maintaining a clean gym that members will want to keep coming back to. Having your gym equipment cleaned and disinfected regularly can also help reduce wear and tear, allowing these items to last longer.

How A Commercial Cleaning Company Can Help You


Why should you turn to a commercial cleaning services company? Companies such as Enviro-Master Services have the experience and specialized equipment needed for deep cleaning commercial gym surfaces, including equipment and restrooms. Our Health and Safety Technicians are experts at cleaning commercial gyms, and our method of cleaning and disinfecting helps ensure a healthy and germ-free environment. Our electrostatic spraying method delivers a high level of effectiveness at eliminating viruses and other germs from gym surfaces. This helps reduce germs on treadmills, stationary bikes, weight benches and other types of gym equipment that are commonly used. Our bathroom cleaning services and tile and grout cleaning services help provide safe surfaces that decrease the risk of germ exposure and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

If you’re looking for more information on our commercial gym cleaning services, please contact Enviro-Master Services today. We can provide you with more details on our cleaning products and methods, including our electrostatic cleaning services. When you need dependable cleaning services to keep your commercial gym safe and healthy, we’re here to help.


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