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Celebrate Success: Enviro-Master conjures up a new Director of Voodoo

I don’t really practice voodoo but it seems as though some of my co-workers think that I do! After starting work here over 2.5 months ago, it’s probably high time that I introduce myself to everyone. Hello! I’m Candra Whitley and I’m the new Marketing & SEO director for Enviro-Master. Before joining Enviro-Master, I spent 6 years handling the marketing and social media management for a national food service company and prior to that, I was the IT/Marketing manager for another local Charlotte tech company.

Over the past few months I’ve been working closely with some franchisees to drive and execute our new corporate marketing strategy and to build a competitive online presence. One of my initial focus areas will be to ensure that Enviro-Master’s unique and competitive online presence is appropriately marketed to our wide base of customers and prospects.

Brand recognition is what I’m trying to build and I have a host of new and fresh ideas that will facilitate that. Included to but not limited to a social media whirlwind (including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and a complete re-design of our corporate and franchise websites.

So far, I’ve been working mainly on the re-design of our corporate websites and individual mini-sites for each of the franchises. And as far as the franchise websites are concerned, I have decided to get rid of all the individual FULL websites and will be reducing them to individual one pager’s with just the pertinent information, along with the owners picture. Don’t fret, each page will still have the individual domain name given, they will all just be housed off of the main corporate page now. The reasoning behind our website consolidation is mainly to increase our SEO (search engine optimization) & PPC (pay per click) options. It’s easier to optimize and track one LARGE website versus 54+ smaller sites. We will be able to run one large nationwide campaign and track results of it all in one place.

Now for the fun part! What will you guys do to help me with this. You will all be in charge of your social media campaign. I have created a social media campaign for each franchisee (to be sent later) that will ensure maximum visibility on social media and increase traffic flow and leads!

I’m really excited to begin all of these initiatives would greatly appreciate any ideas and information you may have to help make this exciting and fun. Because, let’s face it, marketing and social media is fun!! Well, maybe just for me it is…

Thanks for everything in advance! Looking forward to working with you all!


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