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Commercial Cleaning Trends to Watch in 2022

At Enviro-Master Services, we respond well to changes in our customers’ needs because we’re always changing as well, updating our commercial cleaning services and researching new products and techniques. Our commercial cleaning and disinfecting service evolves with customer needs, adapting to facility materials and layout, office designs and open office systems, restaurants with traditional layouts and open kitchen restaurant design, gyms and medical offices that have always required careful, thorough cleaning.

We keep updating our products for safety and efficacy, and recently for longer-lasting disinfection appropriate for COVID-19 cleaning service. Our customized commercial cleaning and disinfecting service plans are popular nationwide, especially in pandemic times. Some of the latest trends in the commercial cleaning industry for 2022, appropriate developments given the times, include these important developments.

Consistent Cleaning to High Standards

Modern commercial cleaning and disinfecting service processes and COVID-19 cleaning service must be performed in ways like laboratory procedures, carefully following prescribed methods with the correct products to leave a clean, safe environment.

A Focus on Both Hygiene and Appearance

For many cleaning companies, what looks clean is clean, from well-swept and mopped floors to dusted furniture and wiped-down bathrooms. These days, a full COVID-19 cleaning service has the clean of a careful commercial cleaning and disinfecting service, commercial drain treatment, and tile and grout deep cleaning, with every surface cleaned and disinfected, usually with our long-lasting electrostatic spraying service for extended, complete disinfection coverage lasting up to a week.

A Sense of Security for Returning Employees, Restaurant Patrons, and Retail Customers

As life gets busy once again, we can no longer accept that cleaning and disinfecting can take a back seat to other activities. That’s why our commercial cleaning and disinfecting service is so valuable to our customers, from offices and manufacturing facilities to clinics, schools, gyms, and public facilities, since they know they’re covered. Their employees, customers, and visitors can see the difference, and they relax knowing that the places they go are carefully cleaned.

Cutting Corners is Seen as Adding Risk Now

Thorough coverage and complete services are our standards, especially in our commercial restroom cleaning service where we go beyond high-touch services to ensure surface-based transmission is managed no matter where it might occur. For those who find that time pressures indicate cutting corners is required, the arrival of COVID-19 has caused a rethinking of that compromise.

Improved Communication

One aspect of COVID-19 cleaning service is the multiple levels of cleaning, and cleaning frequencies, that are required for routine coverage and response to known infection in a facility. Communication is key when making sure that the appropriate services are being delivered depending on the situation’s requirements.

People-Friendly Products That Also Meet Required Standards

At Enviro-Master Services, we test our cleaning products for effectiveness and safety for the people in the environments where we use them. We also make sure that they include ingredients approved for the purpose, such as those on the EPA’s “list N” for COVID-19 cleaning service coverage.

Tools and Planning Systems for Efficiency and Responsiveness

Paper checklists and mobile phone calls are being replaced by tablet-based custom cleaning systems, also effective for data gathering and analysis to provide deeper insights into the cleaning process and its results. Companies are also using aggregated data about their services to find areas where they can extend their services for better coverage and effectiveness. Cloud-based systems also provide easy communication between supervisors and dispatching or customer service staff to ensure enhanced responsiveness for customers.

Your State-of-the-Art Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Service

At Enviro-Master Services, we not only keep up with the times, but we also do our share of industry leadership as well. In conjunction with academic researchers, we explore new cleaning methods and test cleaning products for safety and efficacy in real-world environments. Our commercial cleaning and disinfecting service, along with our COVID-19 cleaning service and disinfecting electrostatic spraying service are core services that form part of our consistent, thorough, and customized services. Our commercial bathroom cleaning service is a good starting point for any business or public facility, providing scientifically designed coverage that staff rarely have the time or training to perform. Call us and plan your 2022 cleaning update today!

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