COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in Salt Lake City, Utah

The gym is a fantastic resource, it allows us to exercise our minds and bodies, it allows us to create a sense of community and togetherness, and it helps us to stay healthy. When the current COVID-19 pandemic took hold, it was uncertain what gyms would look like after things started to open back up. That being said, many gyms and fitness facilities in Salt Lake City have begun to reopen and are now operating under new strict guidelines to help make sure that patrons and employees alike are safe.

Utah Gym Reopening Guidelines

There are plenty of guidelines in place to help make sure that patrons are safe when they do go to the gym. Gyms in Utah opened on May 1st with this set of guidelines in place. For starters, all employees and customers are discouraged from entering the building and will be turned away if they are visibly ill. Employees must also be screened when they enter and if they are exhibiting signs of illness, then they should be sent home.

Employees must wear face coverings when they are inside the building and customers are encouraged to wear them when they are in the building but not doing strenuous exercise. Coverings may be removed while actively working out. Check-in areas should have some type of solid barrier to protect both the patrons and the employees, and contactless pay and check-in should be used as often as possible. Social distancing should be enforced with a minimum space of 10 feet between each person or piece of equipment.

Workout equipment and gear should also be sanitized between each use and high touch surfaces like counters, bathrooms and door knobs should be disinfected often as well. Disposable cleaning supplies are preferred but if reusable items are used it is stated that they must be laundered every day. Lastly, access to the showers, swimming pools, and locker room should be highly restricted with pools being closed entirely. These standards must be followed and facilities that are found to be lacking or are found to not follow these standards are going to be fined and may be asked to close until they meet the standards that are set forth.

Professional Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City

For those facilities that see particularly high traffic or feel that they may need extra help with cleaning, a professional commercial cleaning service like Enviro-Master Services can help. We offer a range of commercial cleaning services in Salt Lake City that you can use to make sure your facility it up to current safety and cleaning standards. We offer cleaning services for high-traffic areas, cleaning for bathrooms and more and can also help you to find the areas that are most likely to harbor the Coronavirus and what areas need the most care. We can offer you individual solutions that will work for your individual institution and for the particular cleaning and safety requirements for your state, city or other locality. We want to keep your employees and customers safe.

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