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Gas & Convenience Store Cleaning Checklist for Your Convenience

Drivers choose which gas stations to stop at based on the three “Cs” – cost, convenience, and cleanliness. Surprisingly, cost may be the least important. If a gas station isn’t convenient, they probably won’t drive out of their way to save a few pennies. But they’ll drive right by a gas station with great prices if it’s not clean.
Even if they do stop and fill up, it’s doubtful they will go inside. You need to make your storefront shine if you want to entice customers through the doors, and the interior sparkle if you want them to stay. This takes more than telling your employees to “clean up.” You need a convenience store and gas station cleaning checklist that they can follow.
On your convenience store cleaning checklist, there are items you will need to handle hourly, daily, and as needed.

Hourly Cleaning Tasks

• Sanitize frequently touched surfaces

Counters, door handles, the credit card machine, etc. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this task should be performed as often as possible, perhaps whenever an employee has downtime.

• Empty trash cans

This includes those in the store, the restroom, and outside the doors. Overflowing trash gives customers the impression that your business is not clean.

• Make sure the restroom is clean and well-stocked.

A dirty restroom is another red flag to customers. All these tasks won’t need to be done every hour, but employees will need to check regularly to make sure.

    1. Wash sinks and counters
    2. Scrub toilets
    3. Clean mirrors
    4. Clean and disinfect baby changing area
    5. Sweep and mop floors
    6. Restock hand soap, toilet paper, and paper towels

• Sweep and Mop

This is more of an as-needed job. You’ll want to keep the sidewalk outside freshly swept so as to be enticing for customers. Inside the store, you will need to clean up any spills as soon as possible. The store should also be swept and mopped thoroughly each evening to rid it of the dirt and germs brought in by the day’s foot traffic.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

• Clean windows, glass doors, and acrylic barriers

Fingerprints and smears will build up on these surfaces, especially high-touch areas like the front door and the doors to the coolers.

• Clean and maintain food equipment

Like other items on this convenience store cleaning checklist, these may need to be addressed more than once a day.

    1. Make sure all equipment is in working order.
    2. Wipe down hotdog rollers and dispose of any leftover hotdogs
    3. Empty and wash coffee maker carafes and grounds bins
    4. Empty and wash drip trays on your beverage dispensers
    5. Wipe down your microwave, inside and outside
    6. Wipe down the surfaces around your condiment display

• Make sure the area around the dumpster is clean

If it’s visible, make sure there is no trash spilling out. The exterior of the dumpster, as well as the surround area, should be kept clean and free of grease.

Gas Station Cleaning Checklist

Your gas station cleaning checklist has specific items to address when cleaning the pumps and surrounding areas.

• The trash cans

People often clean trash from their cars while at the pumps, so these trash cans may fill up faster than the others. There may also be trash around them that will need to be swept or picked up.

• The window washing station

It’s a small detail, but it’s one customers notice. If you have a window washing station, make sure it’s kept stocked with cleaning fluid and paper towels and that the squeegees are in working order.

• The island and surrounding concrete

You’ll want to pressure wash the area on a regular basis and remove oil and gas stains as needed.

• The pumps

The pump touchpad and handles are high-touch areas that need to be cleaned frequently, but with care. Never spray any cleaner directly on the pump; spray it on a rag first.

Enviro-Master Can Help

Even with a gas station cleaning checklist, your employees, whose first priority is customer service, may not do what it takes to keep your business as clean as possible. Hiring a professional cleaning service like Enviro-Master can help you make sure the job is done properly.
Our weekly electrostatic spray service helps fight viruses and bacteria with a powerful hospital-grade disinfectant. Our tile and grout deep cleaning service removes built-up dirt and grime from your floors. And our restroom and hygiene service will make sure your customers find a sanitary restroom every time they visit your business.

Find out More about Enviro-Master

Contact Enviro-Master today to see how we can help keep your gas station and convenience store clean.

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