Local COVID-19 Guidelines in Savannah, GA

It can be difficult to navigate the many COVID-19 guidelines. Whether you live in Savannah, Georgia, run a business in town, or are visiting, you’ll want to know about the guidelines. This way, you can stay compliant with local laws and regulations and do everything needed to stay safe.

What is Savannah’s reopening plan?

A county-wide State of Emergency was declared throughout Savannah and the rest of Chatham County that went into effect on August 1, 2020 at 12:01 AM to identify the various orders. There is a reopening plan that covers five phases.

  • Phase 1 includes opening high-priority services.
  • Phase 2 allows the remote workforce to return to work.
  • Phase 3 allows business to open to the public with limited hours.
  • Phase 4 allows businesses to open to the public for regular hours.
  • Phase 5 is identified as the “new norm.”

Is it mandatory to wear a mask in Savannah during COVID-19 pandemic?

It is mandatory for everyone to wear a mask or face-covering in public spaces that include not only commercial establishments but also public places and government buildings. Additionally, masks must be worn when there is a gathering of 10 or more people.

Are restaurants open in Savannah?

Restaurants are open in Savannah, GA. Some are choosing to operate only as curbside takeout while others are following the regulations to socially distance the tables and require people to wear masks when they are walking around the restaurant.

Are gyms open in Savannah?

Gyms across Savannah are open. The gyms are required to enforce social distancing measures and have sanitizer in place. Additionally, gyms must disinfect surfaces regularly.

What businesses and services are open in Savannah?

Most of the businesses throughout Savannah, GA are up and operating again in one capacity or another. Over 700 businesses across a wide array of industries have taken the “Savannah Safe” pledge. The pledge is a way for businesses to identify that they will do whatever they can to keep employees and visitors healthy and safe, including following cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

What does Savannah define as “essential business” during COVID

In Savannah, they followed the executive order issued by the State of Georgia to identify essential businesses. Essential businesses include those that offer food and supplies for household consumption, those that offer medication or medical supplies, equipment and supplies to help people work from home, and products that allow for maintaining safety, sanitation, and essential maintenance. It was also encouraged that curbside pickup, home delivery, or online ordering was used as opposed to in-store shopping.

Are large gatherings allowed in Savannah?

As of June 16, gatherings were allowed to be no more than 50 people unless it was possible to maintain a distance of 6 feet from other attendees at all times.

How to keep business going during COVID?

Businesses that want to keep going during COVID need to take the necessary precautions to keep everyone socially distanced. Masks or face coverings should be strictly followed. Further, it’s important to have a detailed cleaning and disinfecting process in place. This is where Enviro-Master Services can help, providing a comprehensive electrostatic disinfection service and COVID cleaning services.

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