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Gym Germs: How to Get Rid of Them

What Gym Positive and Negative Features Do Fitness Patrons React to and Review?

Scanning gym and fitness center reviews over the years, one topic stands out: cleanliness. Most customers are concerned about the odors, equipment hygiene practices, and locker room condition that reflect the facility’s operation. Using a commercial cleaning and disinfecting service could provide competitive advantage. An industry website noted that club owners focus on operation and business issues, but often lose focus on essential hygiene.

Sounding the Hygiene Alarm, But Also Providing a Clear Solution

A fitness equipment site performed typical facility bacteria counts, noting, for example, that in their study free weights sampled at 362 times the bacteria found on a toilet seat. They suggested that gym clients, to avoid infection, should be careful to avoid bare feet, touching their face, and leaving the gym still wearing gym clothes.

The issue of which bacteria are found is somewhat alarming, as the CDC notes treatment-resistant MRSA spreads easily in gyms, and viral contagion, especially during seasonal outbreaks, travels quickly in gyms as well. A specific commercial cleaning service for gyms, along with a COVID-19 cleaning service which, these days, would also help keep influenza at bay, would have to provide some comprehensive treatment to be effective.

Three Areas to Focus on For Gym Hygiene Success

  • A Specialized Cleaning Service for Gyms
  • Staff Hygiene and Disinfection Habits
  • Customer Guidance for Good Health and Hygiene

Relying on an Experienced Gym-Specific Cleaning Service Provider is an Important Gym Selling Point

A company like Enviro-Master Services that has offered specialized commercial cleaning and disinfecting service for gyms and medical offices can help. Add their commercial restroom cleaning service, and other targeted hygiene services, and you have a comprehensive cleaning solution for gyms that owners can appreciate. Specific treatments such as the electrostatic spraying service provide more than a one-time elimination of pathogens, the root of the problem. In fact, a university study has shown that safe spray treatments can remain effective for up to a week. While people will still use their sweaty towels to rub down equipment, the electrostatic spraying service will be providing a highly effective line of defense.

Other services such as tile and grout deep cleaning and commercial drain treatment not only help with hygiene in the showers and locker rooms, but they also increase the facility’s attractiveness and reduce the odors present, leaving clients with a positive feeling as they depart the facility.

Combining Commercial Cleaning Service for Gyms with Your Own Hygiene and Healthy Living Emphasis

When you encourage patrons to have good hygiene practices in your gym, you also raise awareness that it’s a value you embrace. Teamwork consisting of your commitment to hire a commercial restroom cleaning service and electrostatic spraying service, and theirs in beginning and ending each workout with a hygiene ritual can help. The combination emphasizes your organization’s emphasis on healthy practices, even encouraging customers to rely on nutritional counseling and health-related products to further take the initiative for their own good health.

Dare to Be a Great Gym

Working with Enviro-Master Services, you can create a plan that enhances your gym’s attraction for today’s hygiene-conscious patrons. Find out more about our cleaning service for gyms, including its thoroughness and effectiveness, by contacting us today.

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