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How Can Poor Hygiene Lead to Assisted Living Facility Negligence?

We’ve discussed the types of illnesses can harm the elderly in assisted living facilities, and how a dirty restroom can end up causing serious, life-threatening problems. But that’s only the beginning of the long list of issues that are caused by poor hygiene in these facilities.

It’s important to stress the fact that poor hygiene, especially in restrooms, can end up leading to negligence and abuse. But, how does that happen? Read on to find out.

A Lack of Staff

Poor hygiene turns away employees. However, the need for assisted living facilities never decreases. So, as a result, these facilities are greatly understaffed. This is a circular problem that continues as more employees leave due to the disgusting state of the facility. However, with sanitized restrooms, the risk of disease spreading is lowered significantly. This could, in turn, increase employment.


Medical malpractice is a serious issue that happens when disease is spread throughout an assisted living facility. If it is discovered that the cause of disease was due to an unsanitary environment, such as a dirty restroom, a medical malpractice case could arise. This is why sanitation is such a necessary part of maintaining an assisted living facility; a clean restroom can act as a defense, were such a lawsuit to take place.

Spread of Disease

This point is worth reiterating. An unsanitized restroom is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. If any place were to harbor disease, it would be a dirty restroom. Without sanitization, the elderly are at a high risk of transmission. So, it needs to be stressed again–a sanitized assisted living facility restroom is a safe one.

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