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How Long Does a Disinfectant Last on Surfaces?

Disinfectants Take Time to Do Their Job

The first mistake most people make when trying to disinfect thoroughly is not allowing the disinfectant enough time to work. Even a basic alcohol-based spray takes at least 30 seconds on the surface to have the necessary effect on COVID-19 and other viruses. Bleach and other strong chemicals also take some time to do their job. A restroom cleaning service should use chemicals that last, but that don’t pose an ongoing hazard to people.

Powerful Disinfecting Products Often Pose Lingering Health Dangers

Disinfectants such as bleach or quaternary ammonium based products kill coronavirus fairly quickly but pose health hazards to those who come into contact with them. Bleach, for instance, can cause irritation to the eyes, respiratory system, and skin. Even after it has dried, it leaves behind solids that can damage clothing which comes into contact with them. Quaternary ammonium can trigger or cause asthma and leaves a residue that should not be ingested. It also is ineffective when combined with organic compounds such as bodily fluids. Both are fairly common compounds used in CDC-approved cleaning products that linger on surfaces and do their job but are difficult to apply without creating hazards. Applying them by wiping doesn’t provide thorough enough coverage to eliminate COVID-19, and residue can interact with other chemicals creating further hazards.

Combining Complete Coverage with People-Friendly Disinfection

Enviro-Master, a leading commercial cleaning service company that offers a COVID-19 cleaning service, uses a range of products for cleaning and disinfection that are relatively safe for people, while targeting pathogens effectively with quick action. Our multi-step process provides a restroom hygiene service that carefully cleans surfaces including tile and grout to remove dirt, grease, and other contaminants. Having removed the breeding ground and transport base for pathogens, we continue with our electrostatic spraying service, applying an even layer of medical-grade, EPA-approved disinfectant, chosen for its effectiveness against COVID-19 and relative safety for people. The result is bathroom surfaces that are sanitized down to microscopic levels. Frequent treatment provides an effective defense against viral transmission and the presence of other infectious agents. Enviro-Master also offers many of the products we use for sale to the customer, allowing touch-up cleaning as needed throughout the day.

Future Disinfectants Will Provide Self-Renewing Protection

There are disinfectants being tested that use nanotechnology to periodically release disinfectant chemicals, relying on targeted effectiveness rather than chemical strength. These products will allow surfaces to be protected for months at a time, especially useful for frequent touch surfaces such as railings and doorknobs. For the time being, services such as regular electrostatic spraying that disinfect thoroughly while protecting workers and bathroom visitors are your best bet. Enviro-Master’s COVID-19 cleaning service also includes a range of related hygiene services such as paper product resupplying and management of hand sanitizer stations. Our complete leading commercial cleaning service solution helps reduce the “viral vectors” that keep pathogens moving from person to person.

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