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How to Clean Double Pane Windows

Do you have double pane windows installed in your commercial building and wonder about the best way to clean them? It’s essential to ensure that your double pane windows remain clean and transparent to maintain your office’s views and natural lighting. But cleaning these windows is not the same as washing single-pane windows. It requires a slightly different approach respecting the unique construction and purpose of double-pane windows. 

Double pane windows, or dual pane windows, as the name suggests, consist of two panes of glass, separated by an air or gas-filled space to reduce heat loss and noise. Because there are two panes, streaks from improper cleaning are much more apparent and can be very unsightly. This airtight seal aids in maintaining a consistent temperature within the building, making these windows an excellent choice for energy savings and promoting a quiet and comfortable work environment. However, the presence of an airtight seal can make the cleaning process a bit daunting. A common issue is condensation or ‘foggy’ windows that occur when the seal breaks, creating a condensation problem between the dual panes. 

By the end of this blog post, you’ll have a full understanding of the processes involved in cleaning a double pane window, the challenges, solutions, and of course, how professional services like ours can make this task a breeze. Let’s now delve deeper into the topic and unravel the basics of cleaning double-pane windows. After all, a sparkling clean window is not just a window; it’s a clear outlook to the world outside your office.

Woman housekeeper cleaning the double pane window with green cloth.

The Basics of Cleaning Double Pane Windows

You need a different approach for cleaning double pane windows. Here’s why – these windows have two glass panels separated by an airtight seal trapping argon gas or simply air. This sophisticated structure helps to sustain a consistent temperature inside your office building, protecting it from cold temperatures or extreme weather conditions. However, it also makes the cleaning process a bit more complex.

Specific Tools

You would need some specific tools and products to clean these windows effectively. Key among these are a soft cloth or microfiber and a lint-free cloth. Microfiber cloths absorb the moisture, ensuring that you don’t leave any streaks on the window after cleaning. A lint-free cloth, on the other hand, is perfect for polishing double pane glass for a sparkly, streak-free finish. 

The Cleaning Process

Step 1: Start by dusting off any loose dirt or debris from the window frame using a clean duster. Remember, any dirt left on the frame can muddy your cleaning solution, resulting in a less-than-perfect result.

Step 2: Work your way down from the top of the window frame with your chosen window-cleaning solution. Pay special attention to the corners and edges, where dirt tends to accumulate. Be gentle yet thorough in your cleaning approach.

Step 3: Next comes the process of drying the windows. Avoid leaving the cleaning solution to air-dry, as this will often result in unsightly streaks and marks. Instead, make use of your lint-free cloth for this purpose. 

Step 4: If you notice a persistent foggy window or condensation trapped between the panes, you may be dealing with a broken seal. Don’t fret – this doesn’t necessarily mean you need an immediate window replacement. There are indeed effective ways to treat this condensation problem without drilling holes or resorting to a turkey baster method, which can be potentially damaging.

Troubleshooting Condensation

After a thorough cleaning, some people will notice Condensation built up between the two panes. This is a common issue with a few different solutions. There are a few low-risk and high-risk options when it comes to resolving this issue. Sometimes the condensation can be fixed with a simple sealant replacement or dehumidifier. Worst case, a professional might need to be called in or the windows will need to be replaced.

  • Sealant: Replace the outer seal or weather stripping around the window.
  • Dehumidifier: place a dehumidifier in front of the window and leave it on.
  • Vinegar: Soak a towel in vinegar and place it between the panes of glass.
  • Heat: Use a space heater or hairdryer to absorb moisture between the windows. You can also use a heat gun on its lowest setting to bake out moisture.
  • Drilling Holes: This option is to be done as a last resort very carefully or by a professional as it could ruin the window. Drill a set of small holes at the top of your window and one small hole at the bottom. Then, pour isopropyl alcohol into the drilled holes.
  • Professional Assistance: Contact a professional to aid in the de-condensation process.

woman looking into clean double pane windows

Considerations for Cleaning Double Pane Windows

General upkeep, including window cleaning services, can significantly contribute to the overall positive impression of your business. It is not just about aesthetic appeal; regular maintenance also aids in preserving the integrity and lifespan of these windows.

First, commercial buildings are generally larger and have more windows than a residence. Hence, professional window cleaning services specializing in commercial tasks should ideally be considered. They have the equipment, cleaning agents, and expertise to handle the job efficiently, helping to maintain the pristine state of your glass panes.

Second, regular window cleaning has a significant impact on a building’s energy efficiency. Dust and dirt particles that accumulate on the surface of your windows can block natural light and heat. If not addressed promptly, this can increase the workload of your heating systems, leading to higher energy bills. 

Lastly, the influence of extreme weather conditions on windows is another consideration. Windows, especially double pane ones, expand and contract in response to fluctuations in temperature. This constant shifting can deteriorate the seal, leading to fogging or even window failure. Regular inspections and timely maintenance can help detect seal breaks, moisture accumulation, and the shortest routes to solving these issues. 

Tackling window cleaning in larger commercial operations involving extensive glass pane areas can indeed feel overwhelming. However, the task becomes easier and yields better results when managed by professionals. As business owners or property managers, your focus should be on your main operations while entrusting specialized tasks like window cleaning to skilled services. 

EMS cartoon cleaners cleaning office space


Enviro-Master Services: Your Expert in Window Cleaning

Cleaning double-paned windows can be a difficult and tedious task, especially in commercial settings with the amount of window surface area. We’re here to alleviate any extra work. Enviro-Master Services is not just another cleaning service. We are an award-winning, fully insured commercial health and safety company, with the expertise in protecting your business spaces from bacteria using professional and sanitized cleaning techniques. 

We present the RPM Window Cleaning Service, specially designed, keeping in mind the complexity and care required for double-pane windows in commercial spaces. It’s a three-step approach that aims to restore, protect, and maintain, answering all your commercial window cleaning needs. The process begins by eliminating oxidation and limescale through industrial treatment – because weather-worn windows are a thing of the past. Following this, we use a specialized bonding agent that acts as a glass shield, repelling dirt. The last step includes regular cleanings that ensure your windows remain immaculate as long as possible because maintenance is key.

We don’t just stop at providing a deep, thorough cleaning. Our aim is to elevate the first impressions people have of your business. When your customers see sparkling clean windows, it sets a positive tone even before they step inside. Plus, our regular maintenance gives you the peace of mind of knowing your windows are in expert hands, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

To sum up, cleaning double pane windows can be a daunting task, especially for large commercial spaces. However, with a team like Enviro-Master Services behind you, the task becomes seamless and simple. With our RPM service, you can expect nothing less than clear, shining windows that elevate the overall aesthetic of your business place, create positive impressions, and contribute to overall cleanliness.


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