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How To Effectively Get Rid of Bar and Drain Flies

Did you know that flies tend to breed in drains? Floor drains are often warm, moist, and saturated with left over grease from the kitchen. This provides a welcoming environment for flies to lay their eggs. This creates an exterminating challenge due to the fact that flies can lay up to 500 eggs at a time in a space that is enclosed. Fruit flies are a huge pain for anyone who uses fresh fruit at their bar.

Today we’re talking about some tips & tricks to get rid (or at least reduce the number) of those pesky fruit flies!

1. Minimize the Resources

Try to reduce food and water residue on your bar by keeping it super clean and tidy. Check if your bottles of alcohol or any other containers that contain food are sealed properly before you end your shift.

2. Trash

Clean up and throw out your trash regularly. Seems obvious but trash is one of the best opportunities for fruit flies to find food and lay eggs. Not good!

3. Bar Mats

Bar mats collect organic material! Clean them off frequently, and at least every night.

4. Limit their Access to Liquids

Ensure that your ice well is completely dry, as well as your sink and anywhere else you may have standing liquids.

5. Limit the Places Where They Can Lay Their Eggs

Pay a lot of attention to places that have lots of organic materials, water and other residue. These are huge opportunities for flies to lay eggs – which is both extremely gross and will create an even bigger fruit fly problem at your bar.

Fortunately, Enviro-Master has a drain treatment service that eliminates the breeding environment and repels flies from ever wanting to breed in that space again. Log on today and see how we can help you!

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