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Keep a Clean and Healthy Facility During Cold Weather Months

When winter performs a virtual lockdown on the world, your buildings get busy and messy. It’s important to stay ahead of the chaos. Now more than ever, facility managers need Enviro-Master’s advanced commercial cleaning services that help keep their buildings, and their people, healthy and protected. Here are areas you especially need to watch out for in wintertime:

Cleaning Floors, With and Without Carpeting

  • Material carried in with snow and ice damages floors and carpets.
  • Mats work hard in winter, catching much of the material from outside and preventing slip issues.
  • Salt and chemicals from road treatment can cause damage to your facility including corrosion.
  • Space such as gyms and medical environments may be especially sensitive to tracked-in abrasive material.
  • Regular deep cleaning of tile and grout flooring is especially important.
  • Carpets need regular cleaning and vacuuming, as well as periodic professional deep cleaning.
  • Prevention strategies such as mats and cleaning from your entry doors to offices and work areas is essential to protect floor finish and carpet durability.

Sanitize and Disinfect Surfaces Everywhere

  • Perform daily disinfection with our proprietary Virus Vaporizer service, especially in areas that see a lot of traffic.
  • Careful, complete cleaning is important, and electrostatic coating with disinfectant finishes the job.

Address Air Quality Concerns

  • Indoor air quality is critical for health in the wintertime.
  • Make dust removal and surface disinfecting a priority. Dust and contaminants become airborne and recirculate.
  • Enviro-Master’s process including electrostatic spraying keeps surfaces hygienic.
  • Dry winter air makes skin and breathing more vulnerable to airborne infection. Make sure humidification is adequate.
  • Get ventilation ducts cleaned and HVAC filters replaced before the winter season.

Sanitize and Disinfect Bathrooms

  • Enviro-Master’s extremely effective sanitation digs deep to remove winter’s mess in your bathrooms.
  • Electrostatic spray by Enviro-Master technicians coats surfaces evenly with safe disinfectant.
  • Repair wall, floor and bathroom grout and tile to stand up to heavy winter cleaning.
  • Double the clean — this is the season for more frequent cleaning, up to double what you do in summertime.
  • Keep up with fixture maintenance and cleaning. Pay special attention to sinks, toilets, and bathroom stalls.

Communicate Clean Practices

Bring Us in for Cold Weather Cleaning and Spring Mud Season

From Alaska to Alabama, much of the country exits cold weather cleanup only to deal with mud season in the spring. It’s easier to tackle than winter, but it’s another part of what makes our job at Enviro-Master Services important. Give us a call at any time of year to help you keep your facility clean and safe.

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