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Office Cleaning Schedule: Convenient Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning

Hundreds of people fill offices every day across the United States, making a spot for work, gathering, and unfortunately, lots of germs and bacteria. Keeping a clean and tidy office space for employees and clients not only helps prevent the spread of communicable diseases but is also proven to increase employee productivity. It’s important to keep a sanitary office space and having a cleaning schedule can help you do that.

Why You Need an Office Cleaning Schedule

It would be far too time-consuming to clean every inch of an office every day, and there is no need to do that in the first place. The best time to do any type of cleaning is outside business hours. This will help keep the flow of business and productivity while maintaining a clean atmosphere. Because cleaning after the office is closed for business also limits cleaning time overall, one of the best office cleaning tips is to break things down into daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules. This makes sanitizing the space more manageable and ensures every part of the office space that needs to be cleaned is touched at some point. Some tasks must be done daily, while larger chores can be done monthly. Let’s break it down into manageable schedules.

Daily Cleaning Schedule

Chores on daily cleaning schedules will be smaller, less time-consuming tasks, but still important. If the daily tasks aren’t done, the weekly and monthly cleanings become even more important. Typically, these are done by a hired janitorial service.

  • Empty and take out trash from all areas (bathrooms, cubical areas, lobbies, etc.).
  • Vacuum and/or sweep all areas.
  • Clean all bathroom surfaces (toilets, sinks, mirrors, counters, floors, etc.).
  • Any glass doors or windows that are customer-facing.

Doing these easy cleaning duties will make an office surface-level clean and improve productivity of employees. However, the weekly and monthly cleaning on your office cleaning schedule will make the office a sanitary space to get the best work done.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

The weekly cleaning schedule tasks are probably the most essential services in keeping a clean work environment. These are the duties that help keep staff healthy and happy and preserve your office space. Maintaining a good weekly office cleaning schedule prevents buildup of dirt and grime, bacteria, and can take the heavy lifting of cleaning off the typical janitorial service or office management. Trusting a professional cleaning service, like Enviro-Master Services, with your office leaves your professionals to do their work and our professional health and safety technicians to do theirs.

  • Hygienic restroom cleaning: This helps prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Even if restrooms are surface-level clean, they can still be spreading harmful germs. A simple toilet flush can spread millions of water particles up to 20 feet— and with them, dangerous bacteria and viruses.
  • Electrostatic spraying: Using a hospital-grade disinfecting solution, the spread of viruses can be stopped on high-touch, hard surfaces for a prolonged period.
  • Drains: Drains need to be cleaned weekly, especially for restaurant industries. In other office settings, clogged drains can make for sewage-smelling restrooms.
  • Windows: Keep windows streak-free and clean with a good weekly cleaning.
  • Refill paper goods (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, soap, etc.): This helps maintain proper hand hygiene for staff and customers. Using a professional paper management service, like the one Enviro-Master Services provides, saves you time and money.

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Monthly services are a must to help preserve some of the most damaged areas in offices and businesses—floors. In addition to daily and weekly cleanings, floors need special attention to maintain their appearance and longevity, especially stone flooring. Make sure to keep on top of these monthly office cleaning schedule tasks.

  • Tile and grout: This needs to be done monthly to ensure the life and preservation of any tiled surface. Grout can also hold onto smells and bacteria.
  • Dust and polish: Dust hard surfaces starting from the top and working to the bottom to help prevent allergens and unsightly dust bunnies.
  • Vacuum everything else (soft furniture, vents, etc.): Soft surfaces need to be vacuumed monthly to keep the fabrics in good shape and prevent allergens.

 Enviro-Master Services Cleans for You

We can handle the big cleaning tasks for any industry. We specialize in ensuring large commercial spaces are spick-and-span with weekly and monthly cleaning and sanitizing services. For office spaces we offer a host of services.

Our health and safety technicians are trained to handle commercial-grade products that give the most sanitary cleaning service. We schedule around your business hours so we can do the dirty work while you focus on what’s important in your business.

Contact us for more information on how we can keep your office in tip-top shape.

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