COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines – Providence, Rhode Island

COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines in Providence

We are all waiting for the day when things are back to normal. While that day is still far off, there are now more establishments opening and restaurants are one such establishment. With these facilities reopening, there are specific guidelines and ideas that are in place to help keep patrons and employees safe during this time.

Rhode Island Restaurant Reopening Guidelines

The first guideline has to do with the overall social distancing that is required. The indoor capacity of the establishment should be limited to 66% of the regular capacity that the facility has. It is still encouraged that people eat outdoors if they can and that if they are eating inside they do need to be at least 6 feet apart. Self-service seating is not allowed, the employees must seat patrons to ensure that the seating is at least 6 feet apart.

Customers may remove their masks if they are eating but they must wear a mask when they are walking through the restaurant and when they first enter. Customers should not congregate and they cannot have a meeting more than 50 people for inside events and 100 people for outdoor events. You cannot serve standing customers as this does help to restrict socializing.

Social distancing should also be encouraged in bathrooms with the number of people within each bathroom should be limited. Online and phone reservations are encouraged and it is also encouraged that people do take out when possible. Self-service food stations are prohibited and drink refills in the same cup are prohibited as well. Shared surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly and when a customer does leave the table does need to be cleaned thoroughly to make certain that the table is ready for the next set of patrons.

Do You need Professional Cleaning?

When it comes to getting your facility ready for patrons it may be beneficial to have a commercial cleaning service to help ready your facility. With facilities that do have a large number of people or that does have a great deal of traffic, professional cleaning services are incredibly helpful as it does help to take some of the pressure off in terms of keeping your facility clean.

At Enviro-Master, we have the ability and the tools to help you get your facility back, as clean as possible, and to make certain that you are going to be able to stay open and that you are going to be able to meet all the requirements and all the guidelines that have been set forth by your local government. Enviro-Master is going to be able to help you get your facility clean and safe and help make certain that your patrons and employees alike are as safe as possible and that they are going to be able to keep dining in at your facility despite the virus and despite the restrictions that are in place. Our COVID cleaning services include our Virus Vaporizer, an electrostatic sprayer that utilizes an EPA-approved solution that can cover all services. It is even safe on food prep areas, making it a great option for restaurants.


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