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Restaurant Cleaning Tips to Survive COVID-19

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting have always been important to restaurant owners, but these days restaurant sanitization is something customers expect to see happening throughout the day. Disinfecting tables and chairs is now part of the cleaning process to prepare for the next group of diners.

Hand sanitizer stations should be readily available throughout your restaurant, and all employees should be wearing protective masks. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of routine cleaning and show your customers that you mean business.

Let Diners See You Sweat

A recent study found that diners feel safer in restaurants when they see the staff rolling up their sleeves and regularly cleaning commonly touched surfaces. Those include tables, chairs, handrails, touch-screen kiosks, and door handles in the dining, bar, and waiting areas. In restrooms, make sure your staff is regularly sanitizing sinks, faucets, toilets, and door hardware.
To accommodate additional restaurant cleaning procedures, make sure your business is well-stocked with sanitizing wipes, towels, and professional-grade cleaning products, so your staff will always have access to what they need.

Restrooms Reflect on Your Business

Most diners will be in your business long enough to need to use the restroom. That means nearly everyone that comes into your business could end up in the men’s or women’s bathrooms at some point. Make a good impression!

A recent survey found that 55 percent of customers would not return to a business after a bad restroom experience. Make sure that when your customers enter the bathroom, they can see (and smell) the same effort your staff is putting into cleaning the rest of your business.

Fixtures that shine, and tiled floors with clean grout, will let customers know that you’re paying attention to the details. Enviro-Master’s restroom and hygiene service uses a germicidal barrier and our Virus Vaporizer™ disinfectant, which keeps killing viruses and germs for a whole week. Your staff simply needs to wipe down fixtures with a damp towel, sweep the floors, and empty the trash until our trained service technicians return the following week.

We also know that handwashing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Make sure your restrooms are stocked with plenty of soap and paper towels, so customers have everything they need for a good experience.

Don’t Get Burned by Your Kitchen

Just because the kitchen is behind the scenes, and diners can’t see what’s happening back there, doesn’t mean that COVID-19 can’t be lurking here. An important step in daily restaurant cleaning is making sure that food prep areas are sanitized regularly.

Make sure your staff is first cleaning these areas to remove grease and food, then use a sanitizing cleanser on all surfaces. Ensure that all cleaning products are food-safe, and follow directions on the product’s label for maximum benefit. Most sanitizers need to remain on surfaces and air dry for at least 60 seconds to be effective. Wipe down blenders, mixers, and other electronic devices with disinfecting wipes regularly during each shift.

Depending on the reopening regulations affecting your community, your restaurant may be getting closer to pre-corona capacity. However, COVID-19 has changed the way customers judge the health and cleanliness of businesses. To make customers feel safe in your business, you’ll want to continue with the additional restaurant cleaning procedures you put in place during the pandemic.

Partner With a Commercial Cleaning Service

If you’re feeling the strain of running a business and keeping up with additional cleaning and sanitizing to keep your staff and customers safe, consider partnering with Enviro-Master’s professional technicians. We have the tools to provide commercial restaurant cleaning services, along with our weekly restroom hygiene service. Contact us today at 1-833-GERMPRO (1-833-437-6776) to learn how we can help keep your restaurant safe.

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