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Restaurant Grease Removal: Cleaning Process Explained

For any restaurant owner, the battle against grease is ongoing. Whether it’s the kitchen, the floors, or the exhausts, grease finds its way into every nook and cranny. Regular restaurant grease removal is not just a matter of hygiene; it’s a critical maintenance task that can significantly impact your restaurant’s operation. But how do you clean grease buildup effectively in your restaurant? Let’s break it down.

The Sticky Situation of Grease Buildup

The importance of removing grease can’t be overstated. A clean restaurant is not only more appealing to customers but also safer for staff. Grease accumulation is a major fire hazard in commercial kitchens. It can also lead to health violations, slip-and-fall injuries, and attract pests. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends cleaning floors regularly to prevent grease buildup as a safe work practice.

Consequences of Poor Grease Management

Allowing grease to accumulate can have serious repercussions. A kitchen coated in grease is a fire waiting to happen. Additionally, it can cause odors that are off-putting to guests and can clog drains, leading to costly plumbing emergencies. Grease-soaked flooring is a slipping hazard and, left too long, can tarnish the appearance of floors. In the long run, the cost of not maintaining your kitchen can far exceed the price of regular cleanings.

The Grease Removal Process

Grease fires are different from other fires in how you extinguish them. Similarly, cleaning up grease can be a difficult task and requires different methods than traditional cleaning. Cleaning grease effectively involves a systematic approach:

  1. Daily Cleaning: Incorporate grease removal into the daily cleaning routine. This includes wiping down surfaces, cleaning tools, and using appropriate degreasers on floors and appliances. This is good practice for any surface, but especially with grease. Even with daily cleanings, there can be hard-to-reach and caked-on grease that is missed.
  2. Deep Cleaning: Periodically, a more thorough cleaning is necessary. This involves using specialized cleaning agents and techniques to break down the grease on surfaces, equipment, and exhaust vents. This includes drains and pipes that can clog and develop odors (or even costly plumbing issues). For floors, hard surfaces, pavement near grease traps, and even dumpsters that can get grimy and greasy, a commercial power washing service will whisk away grease.
  3. Maintenance: Implementing regular maintenance of appliances and fixtures prevents grease from accumulating to unmanageable levels. Include regular deep cleaning in your maintenance schedule to prevent dangerous buildup.

Why Power Washing is the Solution

Power washing is an effective method for commercial kitchen grease removal. It uses high-pressure water and high temperatures to blast away grease and grime, leaving surfaces clean and sanitized. It’s fast, efficient, and gets the job done. There will be no grease left or used (not even elbow grease!) with a pressure washing service. Pressure washing is an environmentally friendly way of removing grease from a surface. As tough as grease is, it usually requires cleaners and chemicals to fully eliminate it, but pressure washing harnesses the natural powers of water and heat to eliminate grease and germs — no chemicals needed.

When To Call the Professionals

While daily cleaning can be managed in-house, there comes a point where professional help is needed for restaurant grease removal — especially when:

  • The buildup is beyond the scope of your regular cleaning routine.
  • There are hard-to-reach areas that need specialized equipment.
  • You want to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • You want a proactive approach to maintaining surfaces and appliances.

Pressure washing is the fastest and easiest way to remove grease from floors, pavements, and dumpsters. Because the water is heated to such high temperatures and pressurized, it’s important that trained professionals do this service.

Get Rid of Grease With Enviro-Master Services

Restaurant grease removal is an essential part of maintaining a safe, healthy, and appealing establishment. Whether it’s daily maintenance or a deep cleaning requirement, professional services like those offered by Enviro-Master Services can ensure that your restaurant meets the highest standards of cleanliness.

We specialize in removing the toughest germs, dirt, grime, and grease from restaurants. Our specially trained health and safety technicians can effortlessly rid your restaurant of grease with our pressure washing service. Ensure your tile lasts a lifetime and keep employees safe from slips and falls by scheduling a regular pressure washing and deep cleaning service. In addition, you’ll have a sparkling clean restaurant from the floors up and from the front door to the dumpster door.

Aside from our pressure washing services, we offer a wide array of services designed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges in your restaurant:

  • Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning
  • Drain Treatment Services
  • Paper Management
  • Electrostatic Spraying Service
  • Restroom & Hygiene Service
  • Hand Hygiene

Get grease-free with Enviro-Master Services and focus on what’s important in your restaurant. Submit a form or call 1-833-GERMPRO (1-833-437-6776) today.

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