Importance of a Restroom Cleaning Log/Schedule

The state of their restrooms is not the sole focus of most business owners. However, your employees and customers are paying attention, and it could be hurting your reputation. Making sure the restrooms are cleaned regularly is an important task for any business owner. A restroom cleaning log can help you keep track of when and who last cleaned the restroom.

You’ve probably been in a public bathroom and seen a cleaning schedule. These are not required by law, but they can make customers and employees feel more confident using restrooms with up-to-date cleaning logs. It lets them know you care about their health and comfort.

How Often Should Public Restrooms Be Cleaned?

The number of people who use your restrooms each day will determine how often they should be cleaned. A business with a handful of office workers can clean the restrooms once or twice a week.

Hand with Glove Holding Cleaning Reminder

However, a restaurant owner may want high-traffic restrooms cleaned on an hourly basis. If a restaurant bathroom is not clean, customers may question what the kitchen looks like. One study found that diners will spend more money at establishments where the bathrooms are clean.

Either way, the goal is to keep the restrooms disinfected and tidy. That way customers and employees feel comfortable using the restrooms in your business.

Who is Responsible for Restrooms?

Ultimately, the business owner is responsible for the state of affairs in their restrooms. You can do the cleaning yourself, or ask your employees to pitch in. In this case, posting a restroom cleaning log keeps everyone honest.

You will need to keep a stock of cleaning supplies for everyone to use. The most common supplies include mops, buckets, disinfectant sprays, glass cleaners, paper towels, and protective gloves. Wherever you decide to store these cleaning products is also a good place to keep extra supplies of toilet paper, soap, paper towels for hand-drying, and air fresheners.

Once you have supplies and a restroom cleaning log, it’s time to assign jobs to employees. The cleaning schedule is helpful to keep everyone honest.

So, if John is supposed to clean the men’s bathroom on Tuesday, you want to see his named signed on the cleaning log to show he’s completed the task. Now, John may decide to ignore the cleaning schedule. This could cause resentment among co-workers. You will need to decide what works best for your employees and whether you can get everyone on board.

Sanitized vs. Cleaned

Sanitizing a restroom and cleaning a restroom are two different tasks. Cleaning means removing garbage and any dirt you can see. Sanitizing a restroom means killing common disease organisms and viruses that could make people sick. This requires products with bacteria-fighting agents that are also safe and effective.

A good commercial bathroom cleaning service will scrub soap scum, stains, and hard water deposits from toilets, sinks, faucets, countertops, and floors. Enviro-Master Services’ Sani-Guard keeps killing germs and bacteria for one week.

If a public restroom is sanitized once a week, the restroom cleaning log becomes much easier to implement with employees. They simply wipe down fixtures with a damp cloth, empty the trash, and sweep the floor. A good restroom hygiene service also can keep you stocked with paper towels, soap, toilet paper, and air fresheners, so no one needs to make a last-minute trip to the store.

At Enviro-Master, our weekly Sani-Service is performed by a certified Health and Safety Technician. Contact us today for a free quote.

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