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Top Benefits of Car Dealership Cleaning Services

Keeping your car dealership clean is essential in order to attract customers and increase sales. When customers step into your dealership, their first impression can have a big impact on whether they purchase their new vehicle from you or go elsewhere. With staff and customers walking around, car dealerships can easily become covered in germs, dirt and grime. From your showroom to your offices and restrooms, it’s important to keep these areas as clean as you can on a regular basis. Commercial cleaning services for car dealerships can provide you with a way to make sure your facility stays clean. At Enviro-Master Services, we offer reliable, high-quality car dealership commercial cleaning services.

Car Dealership Cleaning Needs


What does it take to keep car dealerships clean? When you’re determining car dealership cleaning needs, think about how much business you typically get. Having customers and employees touching vehicles, desks, chairs, and other items in your dealership can lead to a buildup of germs. They might also track dirt or mud into your dealership when they come in from outside. This can give your facility an unpleasant appearance that might drive customers away.

Other areas of your car dealership can also become grimy or covered in germs over time, such as restrooms, break rooms, waiting rooms, and vending machine areas. Even though these areas aren’t the main draw in your dealership, it’s still important to make sure they’re clean. Otherwise, you could be putting employees and customers at risk of becoming ill, or you might have customers decide to leave and shop for a car at another dealership. Whether customers are waiting to have service done on their car or looking to purchase a vehicle, your dealership should provide them with a clean and sanitary environment.

Your car dealership cleaning checklist should contain the following:

  • Germ removal through electrostatic spraying.
  • Tile and grout cleaning for your restrooms, showroom, service bay, and other areas.
  • Drain treatment services for your restrooms and break rooms.
  • Restroom cleaning services, such as paper restocking and hand soap refills.

Electrostatic Spraying for Car Dealerships


Viruses and other germs, such as bacteria, can coat surfaces around your car dealership, creating an unsafe environment for your staff and customers. As people touch items in your facility or cough and sneeze, germs can build up on surfaces. This increases the risk of having illnesses spread among staff and customers. When you have a busy dealership, making sure you wipe all these surfaces and items down on a regular basis can be incredibly difficult. Quick wipes might get rid of some germs. However, you need a more thorough way to remove germs and stop them from building up.

Electrostatic spraying for car dealerships offers a highly effective way to eliminate bacteria and other germs from surfaces. This service is one of the commercial cleaning services Enviro-Master Services offers for car dealerships. Our health and safety technicians can come to your dealership with an electrostatic sprayer in order to thoroughly clean and disinfect different areas and surfaces. These sprayers are designed to keep germicides on surfaces for long periods of time, so that germs are eliminated and unable to accumulate.

Our germicides are safe, non-toxic disinfecting solutions that can be used in all areas of your car dealership. After our technicians apply germicides, they use an electrostatic sprayer to create a positive charge that allows it to adhere to surfaces longer. Our sprayers can be used to clean areas that are difficult to mop, sweep, or wipe, such as corners and crevices. When you use our electrostatic spraying services, your car dealership can remain free of germ buildups. Our technicians can make sure doors, desks, counters, chairs, and other surfaces are clean in order to keep staff and employees safe from bacteria and other germs.

Deep Cleaning Tile and Grout


Tile floors and grout in your car dealership can become covered in grime and dirt, especially if deep cleaning isn’t done on a regular basis. This can give your dealership a dirty appearance overall. Mopping floors isn’t always enough to remove dirt and grime from tile and grout. When you have significant grime buildup from foot traffic and vehicles being driven in and out of your showroom, Enviro-Master Services can help. We offer tile and grout deep cleaning as a car dealership cleaning service.

Our technicians know how easily dirt and grime can accumulate on grout and tile surfaces. To remove it and give your car dealership a cleaner appearance, we use a tile cleaning machine. This machine is tough enough to eliminate stubborn grime and dirt buildup on tile surfaces and grout. When our technicians are done with tile and grout cleaning, you’ll see a noticeable difference in how your floors look. Whether you need this type of cleaning done in your showroom, offices, service bay, or restrooms, you can count on Enviro-Master.

Keep in mind that we only use cleaning solutions that are safe and suitable for cleaning commercial tile surfaces in your car dealership. Our cleaning solutions are effective at eliminating grime and dirt without being harsh or abrasive, so you don’t have to worry about having your tile floors scratched or marred. Our cleaning solutions are also non-toxic and won’t cause harmful effects on staff or customers.

Drain Treatment Services


When drains in your car dealership become dirty or clogged, this can lead to unpleasant smells and the risk of leaks. To protect your facility from water damage and eliminate bad odors, it’s important to keep your drains as clean as possible. Grease traps, sinks, and other drains can easily become clogged or filled with debris, which can be hard to remove on your own. Instead of relying on DIY solutions or store-bought drain cleaners that could damage pipes, turn to the experts at Enviro-Master Services.

Our health and safety technicians provide drain treatment services as part of our commercial cleaning for car dealerships. When we clean your drains, this involves using a specially formulated drain treatment made of foam. This drain treatment is non-toxic and highly effective at unclogging drains and eliminating bad smells. When you need your break room sink, bathroom sinks, or grease traps cleaned, you can depend on our drain treatment services. With regular drain cleaning, you won’t have to worry about having plumbing problems due to clogged drains.

Restroom Cleaning Services


Throughout the day, employees and customers rely on your dealership having clean, sanitary restrooms to use. These areas in your dealership can become dirty and filled with germs when they aren’t cleaned thoroughly. Instead of worrying about cleaning these areas multiple times per day, you can rely on the experts at Enviro-Master Services. Our health and safety technicians can use electrostatic spraying to clean and disinfect restroom surfaces. This helps reduce the risk of illness and keeps staff and customers safe. We also offer other commercial restroom cleaning services for car dealerships.

Hand Soap Refills


Enviro-Master Services offers hand soap refills, so that your dealership has a steady supply of soap for employees and customers to wash their hands with. This means you don’t have to remember to refill hand soap dispensers on a regular basis, and you won’t run out of soap, even during busy times. Our technicians can come by and refill your hand soap dispensers regularly, which helps ensure that staff and customers are able to thoroughly wash their hands and reduce the spread of germs.

Paper Restocking


Keeping paper towels and toilet paper fully stocked in your restrooms can be hard to keep track of, especially when your car dealership gets a lot of business. However, you don’t want to run the risk of not having enough toilet paper or paper towels in your restrooms. Enviro-Master Services can handle these tasks for you with our paper restocking services. We can make sure your restrooms always have plenty of paper towels and toilet paper. Keep in mind that our options include eco-friendly paper products.

Benefits of Car Dealership Cleaning Services


Why should you invest in car dealership cleaning services? When you rely on Enviro-Master Services to keep your dealership clean, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Lower risk of illness among employees, resulting in fewer sick days.
  • Lower risk of illness among customers, which can result in more business.
  • Cleaner environment that makes a good impression on customers.
  • Safe and clean workplace for employees, which can boost morale and productivity.
  • Ability to focus on marketing, customer service, and other areas of your business while our professionals handle cleaning.
  • The use of non-toxic, highly effective cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

Contact Enviro-Master Today

If you’re looking for more information about our car dealership commercial cleaning services, please contact Enviro-Master today. We can give you additional details on our electrostatic spraying service, tile and grout cleaning services, drain treatment services, and restroom cleaning services to help you keep your car dealership as clean as possible. Whether you want to set up routine commercial cleaning for your dealership or schedule a one-time cleaning before a big event, we’re here to help.

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