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Warehouse Cleaning Checklist and Procedure

Regardless of what is stored at your warehouse, cleaning and sanitizing are essential to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. A properly cleaned warehouse ensures products are stored in a hygienic manner. A warehouse cleaning procedure can prevent accidents, decrease the spread of infectious diseases, and improves overall productivity. But cleaning an entire warehouse can be a daunting task. Warehouses are large and often complex areas to clean, especially with equipment and employees moving around the space. With a warehouse cleaning checklist, every nook and cranny is sure to be free from debris. The easiest way to clean a warehouse is to divide the space into sections with specific tasks for each area.

1. Floors

There’s a reason floors are No. 1 on our warehouse cleaning checklist. Floors might be the most important place to clean in a warehouse. Your employees walk on them, products may be stored on the ground, and equipment goes to and fro on your warehouse floors. Dirty or wet floors can lead to slips and trips. It’s vital to keep them clean and clear for safety and efficiency. Include these tasks in your warehouse cleaning procedures:

  • Sweep and mop all floors daily (including work areas, break rooms, and restrooms).
  • Clean any spills immediately.
  • Weekly deep tile and grout cleaning to reduce odors and keep the quality of flooring intact.
  • At least a weekly check for cracks or damage to the floor.
  • A frequent power wash service to reduce grime and buildup (and even sanitize!)

2. Restrooms and Break Rooms

Restrooms and break rooms shouldn’t be overlooked in a warehouse cleaning schedule or industrial cleaning services. Employees use these areas as much as their workspace. Studies have found thousands of bacteria lurk in public restrooms. In fact, one study found 77,000 different types of bacteria in a restroom. Keeping them clean and sanitized is one of the best ways to prevent disease and bacteria from spreading. In addition to the floor services, include these chores in your warehouse cleaning checklist:

  • Clean and wipe down sinks, counters, toilets, and urinals daily.
  • Use a weekly restroom and hygiene service for a deep cleaning of your restrooms. Professionals, like Enviro-Master Services’ Health and Safety Technicians, remove uric scale and other soils that can increase odor-causing bacteria.
  • A weekly electrostatic spray kills bacteria and coats fixtures, providing longer protection against germs.
  • Restock paper products such as toilet paper and paper towels weekly.
  • Refill soap dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers weekly to ensure employees have clean hands.

3. Storage and General Areas

While the hard work will be the floors and restrooms in a warehouse, general areas shouldn’t be forgotten either. Whether it’s where customers might be, employees may congregate, or the exterior of the warehouse, a clean facility is important.

  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop daily.
  • Wipe down equipment and dust daily.
  • Remove and reduce clutter or debris as often as possible.
  • Wipe down high-touch surfaces, shelves, and counters daily.
  • Clean drains weekly. Depending on the type of warehouse you run, drains may need to be serviced weekly with an enzymatic drain cleaner.
  • Restore, protect, and maintain windows. Enviro-Master Services provides a professional window cleaning service that protects windows and prevents grime for longer.

Keep it Clean with Enviro-Master Services

Every business is different, and warehouses are no exception. We can tailor a warehouse cleaning schedule to fit the exact needs of your facility. Our experts are trained and knowledgeable on how to handle each unique task, no matter the setting. We work around your schedule so that operations are not affected.

Contact us today to make sure your warehouse is clean and sanitized.

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