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What is Commercial Cleaning?

When you own or manage a commercial building, maintaining a clean environment is crucial. From medical facilities and food preparation facilities to office space and retail stores, having a healthy environment is important for staff and customers. As a business owner, learning more about commercial cleaning services can help ensure that your facility or company offers a safe place for people to work or do business.

Commercial Cleaning: What Do Commercial Cleaners Do?

Commercial cleaners perform services that help businesses remain as clean as possible, which reduces the risk of illness and provides other benefits for employees and clients or customers. These cleaners can do deep cleaning when needed or offer disinfecting services on a regular basis, such as a weekly basis. At Enviro-Master, our commercial cleaners bring years of experience to the job, as well as the right equipment for safe cleaning. Our cleaning team does not use hazardous chemicals during the cleaning process. Instead, we use green cleaning products that effectively and safely disinfect hard surfaces in common areas and other areas of commercial buildings. We can handle janitorial service to keep your building clean on a routine basis.

Purpose of Commercial Cleaning

While staff might wipe down surfaces or items in your business as part of everyday cleaning tasks, this often is not enough to thoroughly clean and disinfect your building or facility. Having professional high-quality cleaning done, especially on a routine basis, helps ensure a healthy environment and lower risk of illness. Surfaces and items in commercial buildings can easily become covered in germs. Counters in commercial kitchens can accumulate germs as workers handle food preparation. Partition walls or internal walls in an office building can harbor germs as employees go about their daily routines. Having these items and surfaces cleaned and disinfected removes germs, which helps keep staff safe, as well as clients or customers.

What This Service Entails

Commercial Cleaning Service with Electrostatic Sprayers

When you hire a cleaning company, such as Enviro-Master, for your business, you’ll be getting safe, effective and thorough cleaning service. Depending on the needs of your business, you can arrange a cleaning schedule for routine cleaning or set up deep cleaning from time to time, such as before important events. A commercial cleaner will bring cleaning products and equipment to your property.

At Enviro-Master, our cleaning services involve the use of an electrostatic spraying service. This service can be done on a weekly basis to remove pathogens, such as viruses, from surfaces in your building. This solution is a food-safe and hospital-grade disinfectant that sticks to soft and hard surfaces, including those in hard-to-reach areas. Our electrostatic spraying technique ensures that this solution stays on surfaces for a long period of time compared to other cleaning products. From restrooms to customer service areas and office space, this technique offers a highly effective way to keep your building clean and employees and customers healthy.

As a reliable commercial cleaner, Enviro-Master offers other cleaning services in addition to electrostatic spraying service. We also offer tile and grout deep cleaning service for restrooms and other areas in order to remove germs and reduce the risk of mildew and mold growth. Our other services include drain treatment services to get rid of grease and odors from your building’s pipes and a hand hygiene program that keeps your building supplied with hand sanitizing solution. We offer a paper management program for paper towels and toilet paper and restroom and hygiene service to help business owners maintain an environment that is as germ-free as possible. Our janitorial service can handle routine everyday cleaning tasks for a healthy business environment around the clock.

Why Commercial Cleaning Is Important

Replacing Toilet Paper

Commercial cleaning is an important part of helping businesses thrive. Having an unsanitary or unhygienic environment in your commercial building can drive away customers and clients and lead to high employee turnover. Keeping your building as clean as possible can result in repeat business from customers and clients and help you retain employees. Viruses, bacteria and other germs that are present in your building can increase the risk of having employees and customers or clients become ill. In some cases, this can lead to widespread illness, such as when infectious viruses are in your building.

A commercial cleaning service that offers industrial cleaning, medical facility cleaning, retail store cleaning or the type of cleaning your specific business needs can go a long way toward eliminating germs. Keep in mind that the use of green products rather than hazardous chemicals for this kind of cleaning is also essential. Potentially harmful cleaning products can raise the risk of illness in staff and customers or clients. Using a green cleaning solution helps reduce this risk while also providing a clean and safe environment.

How It Helps Businesses

Hiring a commercial cleaning franchise, such as Enviro-Master, can help your business succeed and continue to thrive. Our high-quality cleaning services for offices and other businesses are designed to offer a convenient way for business owners to maintain a clean commercial building. Instead of having to oversee the handling of these tasks by staff or a janitorial team, you can depend on our cleaning company. Our cleaning professionals can ensure that all areas of your commercial building are clean and sanitary, whether you have a small office building or a much larger square foot space. We offer a satisfaction guarantee with our deep cleaning and other cleaning solutions as part of our commitment to high-quality service. Relying on our cleaning services means you can focus your attention on running your business.

Increases Income

Did you know that having a clean and safe commercial environment can increase your business’ income? With a clean commercial building, you can expect to have more and more customers or clients choosing your company or facility over others. Your employees can also benefit from this in terms of increased employee morale. This can help you retain these employees instead of having to find new talent to hire and go through training processes repeatedly, which can cost your company or facility money.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning for Businesses


With a routine commercial cleaning service, your business can improve and grow. Our facility services provide efficient ways to help your business remain safe and clean. From having electrostatic spraying done weekly to having paper products restocked or deep cleaning in restrooms, our commercial cleaning company offers multiple ways to help your business thrive. Depending on our service allows you to work on attracting more business, maintaining high employee morale, encouraging customers and clients to keep doing business with you and handling other tasks as a business owner. Knowing more about the different ways that commercial cleaning can improve your business can help you understand just how important this service is.

1. Saves Money

Using commercial cleaning can help your company or facility save money. Routine cleaning offers a cost-effective way to keep your building clean. Enviro-Master’s janitorial service and building maintenance services can provide regular cleaning, which helps cut down on the cost of needing deep cleaning done frequently.

With professional cleaning services for your commercial building, your staff will have more time to focus on their jobs. Instead of worrying about becoming ill or having to wipe down work stations or other surfaces on their own throughout the day, they can concentrate on their work.

Having a clean work environment saves money in terms of sick days as well. A healthier environment means employees will use fewer sick days overall. Instead, they’ll be able to come into work regularly and turn their attention to their jobs.

With commercial cleaning, your employees can become more productive. Knowing that you are making sure they have a safe environment to work in can boost their morale, making them more satisfied with their job. Your employees will also be more likely to take pride in their job, resulting in a happier workforce.

2. Increases Overall Income

Maintaining a clean facility or building can increase your overall income. A clean retail store, medical facility, commercial kitchen or office can improve customer satisfaction, which encourages them to keep returning to you for business. Customer loyalty means you’ll have steady business, as well as a higher chance of having your loyal customers recommend your company or facility to others.

With professional cleaning, your company income can also increase when it comes to the cost of equipment. Having surfaces throughout your building or facility cleaned and disinfected regularly means you won’t have to replace equipment as often.

Commercial disinfecting and cleaning services can help your bottom line. By saving on the cost of employee turnover, equipment replacement and other expenses, your business will be in a better position to thrive and achieve financial success. This can make it easier to manage your company or facility’s finances and spend more as needed on marketing and other efforts to gain more customers or clients.

Contact Us for High-Quality Commercial Cleaning

Virus Vaporizer Disinfects & Sanitizes

If you would like more information on commercial cleaning service for your business or if you’re ready to set up a cleaning schedule, please contact Enviro-Master today. We can give you detailed information on our disinfection services, as well as our other services, such as business maintenance or tile and grout cleaning. Our dependable commercial cleaning franchise can help your business maintain a clean environment.

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