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What is Electrostatic Cleaning and Disinfecting?

What is Electrostatic Cleaning and Disinfecting?

When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, most people usually think of pulling out rags and buckets and getting down to business with a lot of elbow grease. While these traditional cleaning methods are useful, commercial cleaning companies, such as Enviro-Master Services, take cleaning and disinfecting businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities to the next level with electrostatic spray technology.

As a leader in the health and hygiene industry, we receive a lot of questions about the benefits of electrostatic cleaning and disinfecting. Let’s dive into some of the most common questions we receive about electrostatic spraying technology.

What is an Electrostatic Sprayer?

You’ve probably seen the electrostatic sprayer in action on your local news. It’s a handheld device that’s capable of quickly and safely distributing disinfection products over large areas and hard-to-reach places in your business.

The sprayer itself works by applying a small positive electrical charge to liquids as they pass through the spray nozzle. The positive charge on the chemical is the key to success. That’s because most surfaces are negatively charged, which attracts the positively charged liquid. The electrostatic cleaning and disinfecting process is very effective because it allows the liquid to coat the entire surface quickly and evenly. It can even get into hard-to-reach areas without much effort. Once coated, the surface will have a germicidal barrier that can kill germs and bacteria on contact.

What Products Are Used in Electrostatic Sprayers?

In the commercial cleaning industry, electrostatic sprayers are commonly used to distribute cleaning and disinfecting chemicals. Enviro-Master’s technicians are trained to use hospital-grade germicides with our electrostatic spraying service to make sure your business is always clean, safe, and inviting.

Our products are safe for consumers, the environment, and are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Not all commercial cleaning companies use the same products. Check with your cleaning company to understand what kind of products they’re using in your business.

Is Electrostatic Cleaning and Disinfection Safe?

Electrostatic cleaning and disinfecting is safe for all businesses, including the foodservice industry, healthcare facilities, schools, daycares, gyms, and other businesses. However, this is a common question we hear from restaurant and coffee shop owners.

They’re concerned about using chemicals around the food and drinks they’re serving to customers. The answer to this question is an enthusiastic YES about the safety of Enviro-Master’s electrostatic cleaning and disinfecting service!

In fact, our electrostatic spraying service is popular with commercial kitchen customers. The products we use are hospital-grade germicides that are also safe to use around food, kitchen equipment, and food prep areas. Our products are specially formulated to target dangerous pathogens and superbugs that standard janitorial services leave behind.

Is Electrostatic Cleaning and Disinfecting Effective?

Effectiveness is an important consideration when considering how you want to handle commercial cleaning in your business. At Enviro-Master, we’re so confident in our electrostatic cleaning and disinfecting processes that we partnered with Dr. Charles Gerba, a renowned infectious disease control expert, to test the effectiveness of electrostatic spraying on the transmission of pathogens.

Our products were tested in a college classroom, break room, and restroom. The results of the study show that Enviro-Master’s products immediately reduced bacteria on surfaces and continued to keep killing germs and bacteria for nearly a week.

Right now, you and your staff may be handling all the cleaning at your business without the benefit of an electrostatic sprayer. The benefit of our service will save you time and money because our weekly service keeps working even after our technicians leave the building.

Electrostatic spraying is the final step in our weekly restroom and hygiene service. The first step involves deep cleaning toilets, sinks, counters, and urinals to remove uric scale and other dirt. The technician then uses the electrostatic sprayer to coat all surfaces in the restroom to provide a powerful protection barrier for your staff and customers. In between weekly visits from your technician, you only need to wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth to remove dirt and water spots.

Future of Electrostatic Spraying

Enviro-Master experienced a significant increase in demand for our electrostatic spraying services when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. As a leader in the restroom hygiene industry, which has been protecting businesses for years, our proven services became a go-to for business owners who wanted to protect their staff and customers. As restaurants, shops, offices, and other businesses reopen to full capacity, the public has come to expect and appreciate this attention to cleaning and disinfection.

Many health experts believe the world won’t be rid of the coronavirus for years to come. Many consumers are eager to see businesses continue to take positive steps to keep everyone safe and healthy. Our electrostatic spray service not only kills coronaviruses but also kills 99.999 percent of dangerous disease-causing pathogens.

Protect Your Business with Enviro-Master Services

Working with Enviro-Master, you’ll have a commercial disinfecting and sanitizing company that will be a dedicated partner in keeping your staff and customers safe. We’ll save you time and give you the confidence of knowing your workplace is safe from germs and illnesses.

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