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Women Vs. Men: Who’s Cleaner In The Restroom?

It’s a subject that is rarely discussed in general, but one that perhaps should be. When it comes to restroom hygiene, men are often the ones accused of having poor cleanliness and a lesser understanding of bathroom etiquette.

However new research has suggested it is in fact women who are the least hygienic.

In research conducted by Initial Hygiene, the research found that 43 per cent of women believed their male colleagues were lazy, unhygienic and never washed their hands. Men, however, thought their female colleagues were close to perfect with 89 per cent of them believing ladies in the office always washed their hands. In reality, a high 96 per cent of men wash their hands with soap at work, tying with their female colleagues and trumping them when it comes to general bathroom cleanliness.

While 77 per cent of males clean the toilet seat before sitting, just 59 per cent of women do – and when it comes to cleaning it afterwards, 52 per cent of men take the time compared to just 42 per cent of women. More men than women also admitted to avoiding touching things in the bathroom they knew others had.

Psychologist Emma Kenny, says it appears men have a ‘real understanding of the importance of bathroom cleanliness’ despite negative assumptions placed upon them.

‘Men are instinctively protective and territorial and these natural predilections could well be why they take care when using their own and others toilets,’ she said.

This research was done basically to show that both men and women to take precautionary steps to keeping themselves relatively germ free. We at Enviro-Master make it our life’s work to help increase the sanitation in these public facilities therefore decreasing the chances of catching these nasty germs.

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