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Albany is the state capital and has a large downtown area that includes such iconic structures like the Empire State Plaza, The Egg, and the New York State Museum. This growing city teems with vibrancy and has a bit of something for everyone, and this requires commercial stores and retailers—and there are plenty. With businesses slowly reopening, we’d like to tell you how Enviro-Master Services in Albany can help you do so safely.

What We Do

Virus Vaporizer™ Service

Disinfect any surface with an electrostatic treatment that kills SARS-COV-2 and 47 other viruses and bacteria.


Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Restore your commercial restrooms and protect them against common diseases and viruses.


Protect your customers

Enviro-Master Services Overview

As the capital of New York State, the Albany and Schenectady area boasts a number of commercial enterprises both large and small. Naturally, with the pandemic on the forefront of everyone’s mind, keeping a sanitary and germ-free environment has never been more important.

However, keeping the business clean regardless is a must, as well. Good news! Enviro-Master Services of Albany has you covered on both fronts with commercial cleaning and sanitization services and much more. Our highly trained Health and Safety professionals can also tackle grout cleaning, bathroom cleaning service, COVID cleaning services, electrostatic disinfection services, paper services and drain services, too!

Electrostatic Disinfection Service

Here at Enviro-Master Services, we have a patented Virus Vaporizer™ Electrostatic Spray solution that is EPA approved, food-safe, non-corrosive and Eco-friendly. This spray is used for our electrostatic disinfection service to ensure all areas are disinfected evenly. We spray on this protective solution after performing our germicidal disinfectant process that sanitizes your facility.

Then, using an electrostatic sprayer, we evenly distribute the Virus Vaporizer™ Electrostatic Spray on high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, bathroom dispensers, break room areas and anywhere you need extra protection. This innovative spray has been shown to kill over 40 infectious contagions including COVID-19 and the virus that causes it. Other of our services like our bathroom cleaning service, electrostatic cleaning service and our tile cleaning service also us the Virus Vaporizer™.

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Services

While keeping bathrooms clean has likely always been a top priority, it has never been more important to do so than now. Here at Enviro-Master Services, we offer commercial bathroom cleaning services. Our trained technicians will deep clean restrooms, removing any grime and debris. After sanitation is complete, we’ll get to the germicidal barrier disinfectant and follow up with the Virus Vaporizer™ spray. At this time, we can refill hand sanitizer, soap and paper goods.

Commercial COVID Cleaning Services

Enviro-Master Services in Albany, NY has the tools and skills to help you keep your staff and patrons safe from COVID-19 while preventing it from spreading should an infected person be present. Our COVID cleaning services combined with a germicidal and Virus Vaporizer™ Service Electrostatic Spraying, your business will be protected for a full week.

Let Us Take Care of your Commercial Cleaning

Don’t take a risk with your health, your staff’s or that of any patrons or building occupants—contact Enviro-Master Services today. We service all the greater Albany, NY region including Schenectady with commercial cleaning services including protective shields against multiple pathogens including COVID-19. Contact Enviro-Master Services today for a consultation with one of our experts. Learn more about our bathroom cleaning service, electrostatic cleaning service, COVID cleaning service and other programs that we offer.