Commercial Bathroom Supplies in Central Pennsylvania


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Commercial Bathroom Supplies in Central Pennsylvania

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From Hershey to museums to beautiful state parks, Central Pennsylvania is full of opportunities to enjoy scenery, view performances, and learn about national historical events. Amusement parks, hotels, and other businesses in Central Pennsylvania attract thousands of people every season, and it’s crucial to maintain them in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Business owners in Central Pennsylvania understand the importance of clean, well-maintained buildings, and this also applies to restrooms. If you’re in need of a commercial bathroom cleaning company, Enviro-Master may be the solution for which you’ve been searching. We strive to create pleasant, germ-free environments with our professional deep-cleaning services. Our friendly, experienced team is waiting to help.

What We Do

Pressure Washing Service

Enhance the curb appeal, health, and safety of your business with our Re-Fresh commercial power washing service.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Restore your commercial restrooms and protect them against common diseases and viruses.


Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Enviro-Master’s Restroom Supplies

Enviro-Master’s cleaning products are available for purchase. Compared to others on the market, they are affordable, effective, non-abrasive, and free from harsh, unnecessary chemicals. The hospital-grade products ‌we use in our deep cleaning services are designed to be flexible. They provide a deep clean that sanitizes surfaces such as sinks and toilet seats. And these products are available to business owners, so you can keep your restroom hygienic between professional cleanings. Enviro-Master Services offers bathroom cleaning products such as:

  • Specialized floor cleaners
  • Air fresheners and odor eliminators
  • Hard-surface cleaners
  • Concentrated cleaners
  • Neutral cleaners

These products are extremely effective for deep cleaning bathrooms and ensuring the restroom is safe and germ-free. Additionally, Enviro-Master offers restroom supplies as well, which include:

  • Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels)
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Hand soap
  • Antibacterial hand wipes
  • Dispensers for hand sanitizers, hand soaps, wipes, paper products
  • Toilet bowl clips
  • Urinal mats and screens
  • Baby changing table liners
  • Toilet seat covers and dispensers
  • Disposable bins and trash can liners

You won’t have to worry about maintaining the convenience of your public restrooms when you contract with Enviro-Master Services to ensure proper restocking of ‌these supplies.

Enviro-Master’s Commercial Restroom Hygiene Services

Enviro-Master’s commercial restroom hygiene services are a huge benefit for your business in Central, Pennsylvania, because we help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, including the harmful pathogens that cause COVID-19.

Additionally, our Hand Hygiene Program ensures regular restocking of soaps and sanitizers, while our paper restocking services regularly restock paper towels and toilet paper. These services all work together to make your public restrooms convenient, clean, and pleasant to use. And you’ll never have to worry about bad reviews or consumer complaints based upon the state of your public restrooms.

Contact Enviro-Master of Central Pennsylvania

Enviro-Master’s commercial cleaning products and services are a must for business owners who want to brighten and whiten the atmosphere of their Central Pennsylvania establishment.

If you’re struggling with the work involved in maintaining clean, fresh, and germ-free public areas in your restaurant, retail store, or other brick-and-mortar business, we invite you to explore the exceptional commercial cleaning services provided by Enviro-Master. Our cleaning products are strong enough to be highly effective, yet they’re safe for the planet and for your employees and consumers too.

Call us to schedule a consultation or visit our website today to learn more about the many cleaning services and products we offer.

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What Our Customers Say

Howard Cohen

We have been using the services of Enviro-Master for 18 months. This team is A-1 in cleaning, professionalism and friendliness. We consider them to be a "business partner" in this COVID environment.

Cindy Armour-Helm Team

This is the company to call if you really want it "clean" ! Awesome!

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