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Enviro-Master Services Offers Commercial Cleaning & Disinfection Services for Kenosha, Wisconsin Businesses

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The State of Wisconsin has a lot to offer, and Kenosha is one of its hidden gems. If you live in Kenosha, you understand that there is always something fun to do. For example, you may want to learn more about history by paying a visit to the local Civil War Museum. Or you may want to take a trip back in time by going to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. For those who love the outdoors, Petrifying Springs Park is a great place to go. Of course, you may also run a small business in Kenosha. If that is the case, you need to focus on your commercial cleaning needs in Kenosha. We are Enviro-Master Services of Milwaukee, and we can help you too.


What We Do

Virus Vaporizer™ Service

Disinfect any surface with electrostatic sprayers that kill 48 types of viruses and bacteria.


Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Restore your commercial restrooms and protect them against common diseases and viruses.


Protect your customers

Advanced Electrostatic Spraying Service in Kenosha, WI

Kenosha has had its fair share of troubles with the coronavirus pandemic. You may be reopening your business for the first time. That is the case, you need to do everything you can to keep your employees, your customers, and yourself safe. We can help you. We offer a comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning service that takes advantage of the most advanced cleaning equipment on the market. This includes our virus vaporizer. We will use electrically charged cleaning particles that repel each other in the air. That way, we make sure we coat every square inch of your business. Furthermore, these electrically charged cleaning particles will also get rid of all bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens you may have in your workplace. Count on us to do a thorough job when it comes to the coronavirus. That way, you can keep your doors open.

Comprehensive Bathroom Cleaning Service Kenosha, WI

We also offer a comprehensive restroom cleaning service in Kenosha. If there is one area of your business where cleanliness matters the most, it is the bathrooms. Everyone goes into your bathrooms, making them an important reflection of your attention to detail. Our experts have an unparalleled level of experience when it comes to cleaning bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. We can help you as well. First, we will conduct a complete inspection of your bathrooms. Then, we will let you know what we need to do to keep your bathrooms clean. In the event your needs change, we will be right there with you, making sure that your bathrooms remain spotless.

Enviro-Master Services of Milwaukee Is Here for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs in Kenosha

If you are looking for commercial cleaning services in Kenosha, the team from Enviro-Master Services of Milwaukee is here to help you. At Enviro-Master Services of Milwaukee, we will use all of the resources we have available to make sure that your business is as clean as possible. That way, you can focus on growing your business, allowing us to focus on your commercial hygiene. Give us a call today to learn more about how our professionals can help you with your commercial cleaning services!