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Supermarkets Cleaning Services in Mississauga

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Mississauga is home to nearly 1 million people– meaning there are lots of supermarkets. Dirty floors could be a source of cross contamination, and food preparation areas could be a source of infectious disease. Maintaining a clean environment in a supermarket can be challenging, especially because of how large and busy supermarkets are. Grocery store managers have a lot on their plates without worrying about a clean store — That’s where Enviro-Master Services comes in. Our mission is to make sure the community stays healthy by providing premier cleaning and disinfection services to a high standard.

What We Do

Pressure Washing Service

Enhance the curb appeal, health, and safety of your business with our Re-Fresh commercial power washing service.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Restore your commercial restrooms and protect them against common diseases and viruses.


Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Why Use Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Supermarket?

Professional supermarket cleaning on a regular basis will lead to healthier employees and repeat customers. When you work with Enviro-Master, you will have peace of mind that your supermarket chain is providing a great customer experience and food safety. You’ll get the special attention your business deserves as we cater to your unique needs.

A cleaning service like Enviro-Master ensures your store is as clean as possible and achieves this effectively and efficiently. Enviro-Master is a leader in the health and safety industry. We offer exceptional service and take great pride in what we do. We care deeply about protecting your customers and employees from infectious diseases and use only high-quality cleaning supplies. We believe that a healthy city begins with a commitment to clean, safe public spaces. At Enviro-Master, we have many years of experience working in a variety of industries and offer a wide range of industrial cleaning services.

Enviro-Master Commercial Cleaning Services

There’s lot of upkeep to maintain a clean supermarket. Enviro-Master commercial cleaning services include:

  • Bathroom cleaning services ensure a clean bathroom area, helping customers have a great first impression and feel confident shopping at your grocery store.
  • Electrostatic spraying is an efficient way to make sure hard-to-reach and large surfaces are all cleaned like tops of shelfs, aisles, etc. Prevent the spread of disease and promote store cleanliness with electrostatic spraying.
  • Tile and grout cleaning services help maintain shiny floors in pristine condition. Grout can build up on tile floors in the store front or bathrooms and create an unsightly appearance.
  • Drain cleaning services keep drains flowing freely and prevent offensive odors.
  • Our hand hygiene program makes clean hands a top priority for customers and employees to prevent cross contamination. Proper use of hand sanitizer and soaps is proven to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.
  • Paper restocking, so you never have to worry about dissatisfied customers asking why your bathroom paper towel dispenser or toilet paper is empty.

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Let our professional cleaning service help your grocery store thrive through regular cleaning designed just for you. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

Danielle Scott

They do an incredible job at sanitizing our restrooms at The Keg. Always professional. They respond immediately to any feedback. Definitely recommend to any business!!

Chris Bleue

I own Anytime Fitness at Dundas and Winston Churchill in Mississauga. These guys are super prompt and dependable! Easy to get on the phone and quick to react to whatever the need. Highly recommended

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