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Electrostatic Spraying Service and Disinfection for Businesses in Northern Virginia

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The importance of disinfecting high-touch surfaces is highly important within a commercial space. Running the risk of infecting customers or spreading germs throughout your facility can put a major strain on a business. A trusted commercial cleaning company is the easy solution to disinfection and peace of mind within your commercial building. Enviro-Master of Northern Virginia provides a safe and efficient method of disinfecting. Our electrostatic spraying service is sure to make a positive impact on your high-traffic areas.

Virus Vaporizer Service

Efficient and Effective Disinfection

Electrostatic spraying is one of the most efficient ways to disinfect impermeable surfaces. The service is most often done on high-touch surfaces (which are usually hard) and other hard surfaces, and it disinfects these surfaces to hospital standards.

How Does Electrostatic Spraying Work?

The method doesn’t just use a disinfecting germicide, but it gives the germicide a positive charge during application. The germicide effectively kills bacteria, viruses and other germs that are on hard surfaces. The electrical charge ensures that the germicide adheres to hard surfaces, which often have a slightly negative charge. This causes the germicide to not just disinfect on contact, but to remain on the hard surfaces where it’s applied longer.

Why Choose Enviro-Master Services?

  • We use a hospital grade germicide that combats 99.9999% of food borne bacteria
  • EMS Health and Safety technicians have years of experience in a variety of markets
  • We work around your schedule and create customized cleaning packaging for your unique business

Customized Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Our services can fit your business goals and specific needs. We will work alongside your schedule and ensure that your facility is safe and clean for employees. Our electrostatic cleaning schedule can be performed weekly, monthly, or whenever best works for your business. We have a variety of services to address all parts of your building including:

Electrostatic Spraying Benefits Over Typical Disinfection

While regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces is always important, electrostatic spray disinfection nonetheless has some advantages over conventional methods of cleaning surfaces:

  • Efficient Application: Using a sprayer allows technicians to apply the electrostatic disinfecting solution to large surfaces quickly. Multiple high-touch surfaces can be rapidly treated, and the method can be used to cover floors, seating, counters, kitchen equipment and other fixtures.
  • Superior Adherence: The charged particles that electrostatic spray technology uses ensure that the disinfecting solution adheres to the surfaces where it’s applied. It doesn’t drip down, which both renders the surface no longer disinfected, and can damage non-hard surfaces below the treated area.
  • Periodic Administration: Because the charged particles adhere well, electrostatic spraying doesn’t have to be administered as frequently as simply wiping down surfaces has to be redone. Whereas wiping down or spraying without charged particles will last for a short time, electrostatic spraying is often done only once a week. This cuts down on both disinfecting solution and labor costs.
  • Most importantly, electrostatic spraying uses chemicals that are safe but effective.

The Electrostatic Spraying Experts

At Enviro-Master, we have the equipment and knowledge necessary to properly apply electrostatic spray treatments. We’ve been in the cleaning and disinfection business for a long time, treating facilities well before everyone was disinfecting due to Covid. Over the years, we’ve used this technology to disinfect surfaces in many different buildings and facilities with positive results.

Get Your Facility Disinfected Today

If you don’t currently have an efficient method of disinfecting high-touch surfaces in your facility, contact Enviro-Master Services. One of our knowledgeable technicians would be glad provide a free consultation and answer any questions you have about this treatment. Create your customized cleaning solution today!

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