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Hand Hygiene & Soap Refill Services for Businesses in Northern Virginia

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Most businesses in Northern Virginia serve the public and have at least one public restroom on site. Having well-stocked hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers sends an important message that the company cares about cleanliness and the personal health of its customers. However, filling and repairing the dispensers takes time that most business owners simply do not have. Signing up for the Hand Hygiene Program with Enviro-Master Services (EMS) of Northern Virginia is a simple solution.

Hand Hygiene

Why is Hand Hygiene Important?

Most people feel shocked to learn that they carry up to 3,200 bacteria on their hands that originate from approximately 150 unique species. People carry and spread contagious pathogens on their hands more than any other part of their body.

How Enviro-Master’s Hand Hygiene Program Works

  • EMS customizes a Hand Hygiene Program for your unique business
  • Our Health and Safety Technicians schedule visits to refill sanitizer and soaps
  • We replace and manage your products as needed

Why Should Northern Virginia Business Owners Choose EMS?

  • Reduced employee sick days
  • Fewer complaints from customers about not having hand soap and sanitizer consistently available
  • Less risk of acquiring disease or spreading germs in your facility

Enviro-Master: Your Go-To Commercial Cleaning Company

Alexandria and Mount Vernon are just two of the dozens of cities that make up the region of the United States known as Northern Virginia. The area is home to several government offices thanks to its proximity to Washington, D.C., along with thousands of businesses across multiple industries.
Long before the world ever heard of COVID-19, EMS was firmly committed to stopping the spread of contagious germs and bacteria through vigorous cleaning techniques. Ever since we launched our first franchise in 2009, EMS has used high-quality soap and sanitizer that kills microscopic bacteria on hands. The benefits for our clients have been numerous.

EMS Works with Your Business Needs

We work closely with our clients to determine which types of hand soap and hand sanitizer would be most effective for their type of business. Our Health and Safety Technicians visit clients each week to provide hand soap and hand sanitizer refills. We are always careful to provide enough of each product to avoid running out before the next visit. Our technicians also check the condition of the soap and sanitizer dispensers and repair them on the spot if necessary.

Hand Hygiene Program One of Many Cleaning Services Offered by EMS

Maintaining well-stocked soap and sanitizer dispensers is critical to protecting staff and customers from disease. EMS staff has always recognized this fact and placed heavy emphasis on stopping the spread of germs with our cleaning techniques. In addition to our Hand Hygiene Program, we offer a variety of services to promote health and safety.

Proper cleaning is essential in commercial environments. Addressing the need for disinfection and deep cleaning services is a major step toward success.

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EMS is here to help local business owners make their public restrooms as safe as possible. Please contact us for a free estimate or to learn more about each of our services.

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