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Enviro-Master Services of Raleigh is armed with state-of-the-art germ fighters that clean and disinfect your commercial space in Knightdale. We don’t replace your janitorial service. We enhance their commercial cleaning procedures by adding another layer of protection from viruses, bacteria, and germs. Our arsenal includes powerful cleaning compounds along with electrostatic disinfectant methods that ensure your space isn’t just clean on the surface. Your commercial building will be deep-down clean and sanitized. Enviro-Master Services of Raleigh specializes in COVID-19 cleaning services that protect the health of your employees, your clients, and the entire community. We are experts in sanitizing commercial restrooms and removing the germs that can lurk there even after a standard, thorough cleaning. Enviro-Master Services is the number one choice in Knightdale and all across Wake County when it comes to removing potentially dangerous germs and pathogens from commercial spaces.

What We Do

Virus Vaporizer™ Service

Disinfect any surface with an electrostatic treatment that kills SARS-COV-2 and 47 other viruses and bacteria.


Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Restore your commercial restrooms and protect them against common diseases and viruses.


What Our Customers Say

leann gilliam

My name is Leann. I am a manager at CRAFT PUBLIC HOUSE. Our service rep is Tracy Gilbert. We have been using Enviromaster for several years and Tracy is the best service rep we have ever had. She has worked with us to incorporate us into her route at specific requested times and is always bright, friendly, and professional. She does a fantastic job!

Leon Branch

I’m the Kitchen Manager at Texas Roadhouse in Durham. And I have to say That since Jennifer Meadows has been servicing my restaurant I’m happy. Everything I need taking care of gets done timely and professionally. Good people are hard to come by. She’s a keeper.

Amanda Williams

Flow Volkswagen of Durham is super pleased with the Enviro-Master. They quickly respond to any sanitary needs, and are reasonably priced. All their products are at the upmost trusted brands that guarantee cleanliness. The staff is always a pleasure to see, always smiling, always pleasant, and always go above and beyond to make sure our facility is clean and sanitized for our customers and employees.

K Jones

I’m the director of Courtney’s Drop In Kids Care and we’ve been getting serviced for years! Reliable, thorough, and always quick when we need extra services! Perfect for this COVID era and keeping our center clean and safe.

Protect your customers

COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Enviro-Master Services of Raleigh uses the most technologically advanced methods to battle and destroy the COVID-19 virus. Our Virus Vaporizer is an electrostatic device that covers surfaces in an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant. The cleaning compound is non-toxic, food-safe, and can even be used in food preparation areas. Because it is applied electrostatically, it adheres to surfaces longer while resisting pathogens and bacteria. A weekly dose of Virus Vaporizer kills:

  • COVID-19
  • MRSA
  • Norovirus
  • Influenza virus (including H1N1)
  • Hepatitis
  • E. coli
  • Streptococcus
  • Salmonella
  • Tuberculosis

You may choose the Enviro-Master Service method to clean areas in your commercial building that may be contaminated with COVID-19. But you will also be ridding your workspace of other dangerous bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. It’s a scientifically proven scrubbing that leaves your space cleaner than it has ever been before.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

Enviro-Master Services of Raleigh specializes in keeping commercial restrooms germ-free thanks to the Virus Vaporizer electrostatic cleaning tool. Public bathrooms can harbor disease-causing germs, viruses, and bacteria. Traditional cleaning may leave restroom fixtures and surfaces looking like they are clean, but it takes the power of special disinfectants to almost completely eliminate germs – up to 99 percent of them. Enviro-Master Services Health and Safety Technicians employ electrostatic technology to completely cover commercial restrooms in an EPA-registered, non-toxic cleaning solution. Because the disinfectant is applied with the Virus Vaporizer, it forms a barrier that clings to surfaces longer than ordinary cleaning products.

Microbiologists at the University of Arizona have studied the Enviro-Master Services deep cleaning and disinfecting method. Their research showed that our germ-fighting solution effectively eliminates 99 percent of the bacteria found in restrooms.

Enviro-Master Services is the anti-germ solution for commercial buildings in Knightdale, NC. From churches to daycare centers to schools to offices, we bring you a tough, but non-toxic, solution for germs.