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Customer Retention Program Proves Worthwhile for Franchisees

Often times, once you’ve scored a contract, you tend to let the follow up process fall in between the cracks. And Enviro-Master franchise owner Thom Whitley knows this all too well.

Recently he became eligible to take advantage of the Customer Retention Program that Enviro-Master offers and the program opened his eyes to issues he wasn’t aware of. According to Thom, “I received a call from a customer saying that they no longer wanted our services and that they refused to pay any of their invoices because no one had been there to service their location. After doing some investigation, I was made aware that a tech hadn’t been servicing the location and hadn’t been doing so for months. Being a newer franchise, we are swamped with tons of information, etc….so it was easy for something to fall behind when we didn’t have the proper checks and balances in place to ensure things are being done.”

“Needless to say, if I had been enrolled in the program, I would’ve known about this issue and would’ve been able to cut this off before it got to that crucial point. With that being said, it seems as if it would be imperative and downright important for franchisees to join this program to ensure all of your customers are happy and content with their service and are receiving the best possible service.

Chris Schultz stated that since the roll out of Enviro-Master’s Customer Retention Program in 2015, we have had multiple franchises enroll in the program for training and have already had many franchises complete the entire program. Since completing the training program, all participating franchisees have reported a decrease in their franchise cancellations and benefits are detailed below:

Stats from Current Customer Retention Program Franchisees:

  1. Average cancellation rate is less than 7% and not one franchise has a cancellation rate greater than 10%. Let’s think about this for one minute, if you have a business doing 1m per year at a 20% loss rate that is 200,000. Through our program if you were able to reduce this to 7% that is a difference of 140,000!
  2. The Average Product Penetration increase per franchisee since joining the program has been 6% with 90 percent of the product growth coming from the Operations side of the business…. Ops Managers, Route and Scrub Technicians. Again using our 1m business this translate to an additional 60,000.

Since January 2015 we have signed up 15 franchisees to enter the program! We have also reduced the requirement to sign up from $500,000 in revenue to $250,000.

Call in today and get information on how you can join the program and begin to make your franchise the best it can be! [phone]


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