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How to Prevent Flies from Getting in Your Restaurant

Flies are a pest that can ruin your customers’ dining experience. Here’s how to get rid of and prevent them from getting into your restaurant.

Fly tapes, fly swatters and even homemade bleach remedies are no match for flies looking to feast in restaurants. If you are dealing with the all-too-common problem of fly infestation, we’ve got must-know info on how to prevent flies in your restaurant, so those nasty insects don’t ruin your customers’ dining experience and cause sanitation and hygiene problems in your kitchen.

The fact you can’t change is that flies are naturally attracted to conditions found in restaurants, namely decaying organic waste, fruits, and really any unrefrigerated food. Warm, moist areas common in hot kitchens are also attractive to flies.

Their pesky presence is exacerbated by the fact that female flies can lay hundreds, yes, hundreds, of eggs at one time, which means infestations happen very rapidly and are difficult to control. Flies can only live a few days without food, but if they have a food source, they can live up to 50 days… think how many more eggs females can lay in that time!

To underscore the problem, consider these gross stats: one fly can carry 750 MILLION germs on its tiny little feet, not to mention what flies transmit through vomit and feces — gross, we know. Diseases such as typhoid, cholera, tuberculosis, food poisoning, and more, can easily be transferred from fly to food, and then to your customer.

These buzzing insects are more than annoying, they transmit diseases that could kill your business or worse.

How to control flies in the food industry

Eliminate Breeding Sites: Trash cans, bins, and bags should always be tightly sealed. Compost bins are big breeding grounds for flies and should be kept far away from the kitchen/restaurant if used.

Drain It: Drains are filled with fats, oils, and grease, and are an often-overlooked food source and breeding ground for flies. Enviro-Master’s fly control service uses an organic bio-blocking technology that releases enzymes that eat away at the fats, oil, and greases that attract flies. It keeps drains grease and fly free and deodorizes smelly drains.

Control Contact: All leftovers should be tightly sealed and stored immediately. Refrigerate when possible and do not leave food out on countertops. Frequently wipe down chopping blocks, cutting boards and countertops. Make sure you store food utensils in a sealed area.

No Flies Allowed: Easier said than done, of course, but install physical barriers to keep the flies out. Keep all doors and windows closed or screened to prevent flies from getting in. You can also use electric fans or “air curtains” at entry points to keep flies away.

Restaurant kitchens require constant vigilance when it comes to keeping the flies out. That’s why our weekly drain service, which works 24/7 to keep your drains grease and fly free, is so popular. Call us today at [phone] to learn more about how we can kill the germs that can kill your business.

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