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4 Trends in Commercial Cleaning Technology in 2021

As a leading commercial cleaning service, at Enviro-Master Services we monitor and evaluate upcoming cleaning technologies, from disinfectant application techniques to nanotechnology. We know that using multiple approaches to cleaning and disinfecting is an important part of our COVID-19 cleaning service and any broad pathogen protection program. On the horizon for 2021 are a variety of new EPA-approved and investigational disinfection and protection technologies, being developed at a time when the market is actively looking for solutions to the very specific problem of COVID-19 transmission as well as general hygiene use.

1. New Disinfectants that Provide Prevention and Surface Protection

There are nearly 500 surface disinfection products that the EPA currently recognizes as effective for COVID-19 use in restroom hygiene service or other cleaning. Some of these, such as QAC-based products, will see improved formulation in the coming years. In 2021, there will be an emphasis on antiviral surfaces and long-term antiviral spray coatings. This strategy will further limit the transmission of COVID-19 by limiting the locations where the virus can remain active after arrival.

2. Long-Term Disinfectant Coatings

Under development in Hong Kong for ten years, MAP-1 has been announced as a potential longer-term solution to COVID-19 surface transmission. It provides active protection for up to 90 days, using nano-capsules of disinfectant to protect high-touch surfaces such as elevator buttons and handrails. Human touch activates the capsules to release even more disinfectant, renewing protection over time. MAP-1 has been tested at a variety of home and commercial locations in Hong Kong and should be in broader use in 2021. Other companies around the world are working to produce similar long-term products for viral infection concerns.

3. Nanotechnology-Based Disinfectants and PPE Protection

Additional nanotechnology-based disinfectant methods are being proposed and are under development to deliver both active chemical disinfectants and materials that naturally promote the rapid decay of viral material. Some of these products that inhibit viral transmission and penetration of surfaces are being investigated as supplemental treatments for use on PPE such as masks as a further, active barrier to virus exposure.

4. New Application Methods for Better Coverage and Protection

Electrostatic spray methods are an integral part of the application of many of these innovative new antiviral protection products. By providing a thorough, even coating on surfaces, the spray ensures that current disinfectant products are available in sufficient quantity to meet EPA standards for coverage and treatment duration. For future coatings and prevention technologies, long-lasting coverage requires complete coverage of the surface. As new products become available, Enviro-Master Services will be ready to apply them to keep your business, customers and employees safe.

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