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6 Ways to Improve Restroom Hygiene During COVID-19

Many people avoid public restrooms, bring their own cleaning and sanitation products, or otherwise express their lack of faith in public restroom hygiene. This is especially true with the current emphasis on blocking COVID-19 transmission, while general hygiene issues and traditional pathogens are still an ongoing concern. At Enviro-Master Services, a leading commercial cleaning service, we have been developing and implementing restroom hygiene service innovations for years.

A Matter of Trust

As part of our COVID-19 cleaning service, we combine our traditional excellence and thorough cleaning strategies with modern products and application techniques. We help the public have faith in restroom hygiene. Recent surveys have discovered that public attitudes towards public restrooms range around 80 percent distrust. Conversely, clear evidence of employer concern about restroom hygiene increases employee confidence in about 90 percent of respondents.

1. Signage

Use prominent signage displaying basic hygiene strategies such as 20-second hand washing. An easily readable, brief format spreads the word to restroom users and helps improve hygiene results for the public. It also raises awareness that thorough restroom hygiene is high on the COVID-19 priorities of the business.

2. Touchless Features

Companies are using touchless fixtures and waterless urinals as ways to avoid touch-based viral transmission and also achieving significant cost savings through water usage reduction. Proximity and motion-based sensors are much improved over earlier, somewhat frustrating models. They are an excellent way to operate soap dispensers and faucets for rapid, precise, zero-touch operation.

3. Increase Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Restocking

Thorough cleaning and disinfecting should be performed at least daily, with complete coverage. Professional soap-and-water cleaning followed by thorough disinfectant spray coverage using electrostatic sprayers is ideal. While high-touch areas should receive additional attention to handle high-traffic times, overall cleaning processes should be comprehensive, not just targeted. Supplies should be frequently restocked to encourage hygiene by restroom users. If theft of items is a concern, restocking by a restroom hygiene service provider is an excellent solution.

4. Hand Cleaner and Trash Cans Near Exits

Keeping in mind typical restroom exit behaviors, these resources offer ways for patrons to sanitize one more time before leaving the restroom, and to use and dispose of paper towels for hand drying and door handle operation.

5. Keep Doors Open to Reduce Contact and Promote Social Distancing

Where practical, keeping the restroom door ajar reduces the need for contact with door handles and surfaces, and allows visitors to observe the current occupancy for social distancing purposes.

6. Toilet Stall Technology

Use foot-operated door openers, occupancy indicators that glow red or green, and user-counting technology to trigger cleaning visits. These door openers help keep toilet stalls from becoming a significant pathogen transmission source.

The switch from cost-oriented restroom cleaning service implementation to hygiene-oriented and confidence-building COVID-19 cleaning service has created a challenge for facilities management personnel. One of the best ways to balance company goals is to contract with a leading commercial cleaning service such as Enviro-Master Services, resulting in controlled costs and measurable effectiveness.

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