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8 Keys to Having a Successful Commercial Cleaning Business

Owning a commercial cleaning franchise like Enviro-Master is about more than cleaning up messes; it’s about building a successful business that secures your future and positively impacts your community. Through years of experience, Enviro-Master has developed a commercial cleaning business model that works.

Here are our 8 Keys to Having a Successful Commercial Cleaning Success:

1) Check your boxes. To set yourself up for success, choose a business that is both affordable and profitable. A good commercial cleaning business has limitless market potential since every business (schools, daycares, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, etc.) will at least have bathrooms that need to be cleaned. And they will always need to be cleaned, so there is some built-in recession resistance.

2) Follow the model. One of the biggest benefits of buying a commercial cleaning franchise is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Learn from the experience of an already successful franchise that offers recurring revenue (cleaning is not a one-time expense) and products and processes that have been researched and proven to be effective.

3) Show and tell. Every business is a potential client, but how can you get company leaders to see they need your commercial cleaning services? Hold your sales pitch meeting in the restroom! Unconventional? Yes. But if business owners and managers see (and smell) a cost-effective solution to dirty, smelly restrooms — you will have a new client.

4) Develop multiple revenue streams. A successful commercial cleaning business provides more than one service. At Enviro-Master, we clean every space (office, kitchen, restroom), every type of surface from ceramic and tile to fabric and plastic, and offer the products needed to keep businesses safe and sanitary. This also provides residual income.

5) Health and safety — walk the talk. The commitment to public health and safety is more than a claim in a brochure. Enviro-Master has invested in EPA-approved products and applications that will disinfect and sterilize surfaces, killing 99.9999 percent of germs and preventing the spread of infectious disease. Protecting our customers, their businesses, and our communities is priority #1. We can’t be successful without being true to this commitment.

6) Consistency is key. Consistent and high-quality customer service are the hallmarks of any successful business, and commercial cleaning companies are held to an especially high standard as a business’ appearance and cleanliness will directly affect the bottom line. Standardized processes, high-quality products, and a clear and detailed training program will ensure consistency in service and a successful business.

7) Invest in human capital. As the owner of a business, constantly work to develop yourself so you can lead from experience and coach your employees and help them reach their goals. At Enviro-Master, we give all employees and franchisees a personality test to see if they are a good fit for our company. The investment in people is returned with respect, a positive reputation, and low employee turnover.

8) Give back. In addition to a commitment to public health in your community, consider using a commercial cleaning business to support your community in other ways. At Enviro-Master, we support Seeds of Hope by sponsoring underprivileged children and giving them a means to get to college and break the chain of poverty. The success of that investment will be returned many times over.

If you would like to learn more about owning your own Enviro-Master franchise, call or visit today!

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