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Air Dryers Vs. Paper Towels: Which is More Hygienic?

In the well-serviced restroom, what’s the perfect final step? A stop at the air dryer, or a couple of paper towels to dry the hands? At Enviro-Master Services, we think about the overall flow of guests and employees through your bathroom, and how their hygiene is affected. The last step for most of them is drying hands and heading out the door, and we want that to be tying a bow on the process and leaving pathogens behind. We also think about overall factors like which final step keeps the flow of people moving and the social distancing optimal. It’s one of the reasons so many clients rely on Enviro-Master Services, a leading commercial cleaning service, for cleanliness, because we think about the things you probably don’t have time to.

Focusing on Hygiene

Exiting the restroom and leaving pathogens behind is the goal of restroom hygiene. This involves maintaining clean surfaces, having an effective hand hygiene service, and after washing, providing an effective drying method that reduces moisture-bound bacteria transport and provides comfortable, dry hands. Enviro-Master Services provides a chain of services which address restroom cleanliness concerns effectively. We help visitors to the bathroom to use it efficiently and effectively, reducing restroom traffic and additional points of potential infection.

Environmental Concerns

Concern about the environmental effects of paper towels and electric air dryers has led to attempts to mitigate both effects. Roll towel dispensers that limit the amount dispensed can help reduce the number of trees involved, and air dryers that increase the blast and reduce the heat can help limit the electric power consumed while providing a useful drying effect. Enviro-Master Services hand hygiene service design considers the environment in our activities, including the selection of products that we use to perform our cleaning.

Surprise Study Results

An article published by Harvard Medical School creates an ominous picture of busy restrooms with air dryers. Every time lidless toilets flush, they note, the swirling flush also ejects a cloud of unclean aerosol moisture into the air that can spread a considerable distance. Not too far away, air dryers are concentrating and blasting that same air onto previously cleaned hands. Based on a research study that cultured the results in petri dishes, bacteria can hitch a ride on hands and thrive in this environment. Supporting this conclusion, the National Institutes of Health lists an article from the Mayo Clinic Proceedings resulting from a literature review. The bottom line agrees with the study Harvard cited: from a hygiene perspective, both personally and facility-based, paper towels do the job better.

How Enviro-Master Optimizes for Hygiene

Enviro-Master Services is a leading commercial cleaning service emphasizing the details and best practices of restroom cleaning service. Our electrostatic spraying provides long-lasting surface coverage with environmentally safe products. Our detailed process keeps restrooms deep cleaned and hygienic as well as attractive for visitors. Call us to create a custom hand hygiene service plan for your facility.

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