COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in Austin, TX

The ongoing COVID-19 or “Coronavirus” pandemic has completely changed how businesses across the nation must operate in order to stay open. While there is reason for this, it’s certainly challenging for gym owners. The good news is that restrictions on gyms in the Lone Star State have become a bit more relaxed this fall. Here’s what all fitness facility employees and owners need to know about operating safely (and legally) through fall and into winter:

Cleaning is Key

The biggest thing anyone can do at this time to ensure that gyms stay open is cleaning regularly. This means sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces in between customer use, setting up easy-access sanitization stations through the facility, and considering the help of a commercial cleaning company. While hiring a commercial cleaning company in Austin, TX may seem a bit like overkill, it’s actually one of the only ways to ensure that the entire gym is truly disinfected on a regular basis. For example, companies like Enviro-Master Services use a technique that involves electrostatic spraying to kill COVID-19. They also offer specialized restroom hygiene service to ensure their commercial cleaning leaves gym facilities free of germs in the most vulnerable areas.

Gov. Greg Abbott Has Loosened Capacity Restrictions

No gyms are currently able to operate at a full 100 percent capacity. However, the good news is that Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent actions show that this may come sooner rather than later. On September 21, the governor allowed businesses operating at 50 percent (including gyms) to move up to 75 percent capacity. An easy way to enforce capacity limits without having to turn customers away at the door is to require, or at least encourage, reservations.

Face Masks are Still Required

As with all open public spaces in Texas, face masks are required to be worn at Austin gyms wherever it is not possible to stay six feet apart. Exceptions may be in pool areas, which should be operating at very limited capacity anyway, if open at all. Some national gym chains, like Planet Fitness, are even requiring masks at all of their facilities across the country regardless of what current state regulations say.

Staff Should Be Screened

State guidelines also say that all staff members and any incoming contractors should go through a health check screening upon entry. This may include a quick temperature reading or a questionnaire that asks whether they have experienced any COVID-related symptoms in the past 24 hours. Anyone feeling sick or who has experienced any symptoms should be asked to stay home.

Many Gyms are Using Waivers

In addition to the regular waivers that many gyms have incoming customers sign regarding equipment-use injury, many gyms are now adopting the practice of having guests sign COVID-19 waivers. The waiver basically states that guests understand their own risk entering the gym, and they will not hold the facility liable if they get sick.

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