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Back to School: Tips for Keeping In-Person Learning Safe

Careful cleaning and disinfecting are essential to today’s educational facility operation. As the American Academy of Pediatrics notes, school closures due to COVID-19 have had significant effects on student populations. A return to in-person education is contingent on a multi-layered hygiene strategy including student and teacher routines, staff daytime cleaning, and after-hours commercial cleaning and disinfecting service coverage.

Involving Students to Build Hygiene Habits

In addition to professional COVID-19 cleaning service, normalizing good hygiene practices by involving the students in some classroom cleaning practices can be helpful, and teach them routines to follow at home for further benefit.

CDC School Cleaning Guidelines

The US Centers for Disease Control has published guidelines for school cleaning related to COVID-19 including the types of products to use and the practices to put in place. As more information about viruses and variants emerge these guidelines change, so it’s wise to get updates during the school year.

Ventilation and Air Filtration

To help mitigate airborne transmission, the CDC has also published information on classroom ventilation and air filtration.

Frequent Daytime Practices and Periodic Professional Cleaning

Teachers, daytime staff, and students can be involved in basic cleaning practices. Frequent cleaning is needed for high-touch surfaces such as workspaces, doors, science equipment, educational toys, and technology gear. Frequent daytime bathroom cleaning should be complemented by a complete commercial restroom cleaning service schedule. Occasional tile and grout deep cleaning and commercial drain treatment help remove pathogen growth and transmission media.

Thorough, Off-Hours Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning practices have been developed and tested over time, long before COVID-19 concerns. They are frequently updated to meet evolving standards. Relying on a commercial cleaning and disinfecting service like Enviro-Master Services can make a big difference in schools. Enviro-Master technicians are trained to carefully clean heavily used surfaces with eco- and people-friendly products and use an electrostatic spraying service for thorough disinfection. Experienced in comprehensive cleaning for pathogen removal as well as appearance, these teams provide thorough, customized services. Other specialty clients include gyms, medical clinics, and restaurants where proper cleaning is critical to continued operation.

Prepare Responses to Suspected Contagion

Even the careful and frequent cleaning schools will be implementing this fall and into the future is not enough to manage the known or suspected presence of the COVID-19 virus and variants in the school population. Be prepared to respond to heightened concerns with escalated measures for schools and childcare, including specialized cleaning and contact tracing.

Using Enhanced Cleaning to Benefit Your Facility Long-Term

The deep and thorough cleaning that is used to respond to COVID-19 risks also helps maintain facilities and prolong their overall service life. These services help keep dirt, grime, and contaminants, including winter salt and spring mud, from wearing down surfaces, furnishings, and equipment.

Working With Enviro-Master Services, an Experienced School and Commercial Cleaning Provider

Most organizations don’t have the resources and staff time to train for and implement all the levels of cleaning that are necessary to keep schools ready for in-person learning. Enviro-Master Services can create a customized package for your facility, delivered by skilled commercial cleaning and disinfecting service providers. Call us to learn more.

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