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How Often Do Businesses Need a Deep Cleaning?

Your Office Building Hosts A Variety of Harmful Germs

As one can expect, office space is likely to host germs and bacteria due to the large amounts of high-touch equipment, foot traffic, and interactions. A business owner puts customers and employees first when prioritizing and setting a frequent cleaning schedule. Outlining regular cleaning tasks and hiring a professional cleaner is the solution to a clean office, fewer sick days, and impressing employees and customers alike.

Regular office cleaning schedules are easier than you think, especially with the help of experts. Let’s explore some top considerations when creating a cleaning schedule and how Enviro-Master’s office cleaning services can help.

Office Cleaning Guide

Germs Travel Efficiently and Multiply Quickly, So Daily Basis Cleaning is Just the Start

If you knew how quickly germs multiply and travel, and how well they hide, you might never stop cleaning. Tri-County Health Care (MN) offers a vivid picture of how disease-causing pathogens spread in large numbers and quickly, mostly by touch.

As they mention, germs multiply fast, up to millions per day from a single germ. In addition to touch, germs travel by aerosol methods, at high velocity from sneezes and coughs and even toilet flush spray, remaining airborne for up to ten minutes. In route, they can hitchhike on floating dust particles and travel even further, multiplying at their destination. Deep cleaning clears out layers of hidden dust and dirt for a fresher look, and flushes out pathogens, disinfecting thoroughly.

Daily cleaning consists of tasks that help your office look visually appealing, taking out the trash, clearing conference room tables, wiping down surfaces, etc. These steps are essential to your business, ensuring a customer or potential employee has a good first impression. When it comes to those more effective, deeper cleans, scheduling weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning services with commercial cleaning companies is a must.

Weekly cleaning consists of a combination of janitorial tasks and commercial cleaning. Check out our Janitorial vs Commercial Cleaning blog to understand how these services go hand and hand.

Office cleaning service

Seasonal Renewal Through Deep Cleaning a Work Environment

Understanding the monthly and yearly cleaning needs will ensure long-term cleanliness and safety in your office setting. This is where professional cleaning services are key, addressing those hard-to-reach areas and providing a new level of office cleanliness.

Deep cleaning and disinfecting can be somewhat disruptive, moving furniture and using special tools to reach and clean in places like vents and under-installed equipment. It’s performed every six to twelve months, sometimes once per season, with trained commercial cleaning and disinfecting service workers.

Factors that affect the frequency of deep cleaning include the amount of traffic through the facility potentially bringing pathogens, the presence of food and other growth media for bacteria, and the activities performed in the work environment, with eating, exercising, medical care, and education as a few of the higher-risk categories.

Commercial Cleaning Service with Electrostatic Sprayers

Knowing Where to Clean Makes a Big Difference

Trained commercial cleaning and disinfecting service technicians from Enviro-Master Services get a head start on deep cleaning, using thorough knowledge of pathogen hiding places in their regular cleaning. For instance, commercial restroom cleaning service covers vertical surfaces like toilet stall walls and splash areas near the sink as well as perform flat surface cleaning and offer tile and grout deep cleaning. For plumbing maintenance and bacteria control, a commercial drain treatment is also important.

Electrostatic spraying provides a thorough cleaning to a variety of hard-to-reach or high-traffic areas including light fixtures, desks, chairs, office furniture, and conference rooms. The safe and effective disinfecting solution sticks to these hard surfaces and protects against viruses for a prolonged period of time.

All of these examples are deeper cleaning services performed by Enviro-Master’s expert cleaning staff. Our professional cleaning efforts work alongside janitorial services and target a specific area of your office to make sure your business stays clean until your next appointment.

Office cleaning

Extra Attention for High-Risk Disease Transmission Points

A comprehensive cleaning service is especially appropriate in high-traffic areas such as airports, libraries, and bars. After the initial cleaning, an electrostatic spraying service delivers the knockout punch for pathogens, ensuring that every nook, cranny, and surface receives an effective disinfecting spray that’s safe for humans. Using a commercial cleaning and disinfecting service works well as a regular, predictable routine, so you know your business is fresh and your customers are confident in visiting your place.

Complete Coverage is Necessary, Not Just Spot Cleaning

Each type of business has its own frequent touch and transmission points, harboring millions of germs that are deposited by visitors daily. WebMD‘s list covers 12 types of facilities, including unexpected ones like swimming pools and movie theaters. A PBS interview discussed a study showing that virus transmission in the workplace can spread to 50% of surfaces within four hours of introduction. To block transmission, businesses use cleaning services and electrostatic spraying services as enhanced cleaning measures.

Plan for Your Facility’s Heath and Appearance

Addressing your office cleaning plan is essential to reevaluate your efforts and ensure your facility is getting the right clean. Trust the experts at Enviro-Master to help plan your customized cleaning plan.

Enviro-Master Services provides commercial cleaning and disinfecting service packages that help to maximize regular cleaning services. They also offer deep cleaning, a seasonal removal of dirt, grime, and pathogens that have worked their way further into your facility. Contact us to create your own business hygiene plan.

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