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Best Cleaning & Sanitizing Tips for Retail Stores This Holiday Season

Creating Holiday Shopping Experiences That Optimize Health As Well As Retail and Restaurant Happiness

Holiday energy grows as people hit the stores and look for those special gifts, but once again this year we’ll have to do it carefully. With lessons learned from 2020’s holiday season, there are ways to keep business up and improve on regimented social distancing paradigms, providing increased health and happiness for shoppers and businesses alike.

Reducing Indirect Pathogen Transmission In Busy Holiday Destinations

Reducing interpersonal COVID-19 and flu transmission includes distancing and managing transmission from high-touch surfaces including store displays and restroom areas, front door handles and payment stations. Enviro-Master Services can help with COVID-19 cleaning service, commercial restroom cleaning service, and other offerings you can count on while your employees focus on holiday shoppers.

If you have staff handling your cleaning, here are some important considerations:

  • Front of house or retail floor requires frequent and thorough cleaning and disinfection
  • Disinfectant should be allowed to dry to be effective, not wiped away
  • Reusing disinfectant wipes or other applicators from surface-to-surface risks transmission
  • High-touch risk areas are everywhere, including your front door and payment terminal
  • Employee personal phones are high-touch as well, often heavy with pathogens
  • Cleaning checklists, especially for restrooms, need to be completed as planned
  • Table edge surfaces, and chairs are high-touch

Keep Staff On Mission By Partnering With Our Hygiene Service Experts

An important part of holiday business operation for restaurants and stores is to make sure that even if your staff is hustling to keep up with the activity, this year there’s no cutting corners on sanitary concerns. One pandemic solution for public spaces has been to alternate opening hours with cleaning hours, so the employees can focus on a thorough reset of the space and reduce the likelihood of pathogen transmission. Another is to plan cleaning around known traffic patterns, such as those tracked for businesses by Google Maps.

Keeping shopping spaces simple and spacious helps, too. CDC and others have encouraged store and restaurant layouts that encourage social distancing, which also allows for more efficient cleaning practices for our commercial cleaning and disinfecting service and employee touch-ups if needed.

Our electrostatic spraying service is the ideal way to keep store and restaurant surfaces disinfected with long-acting, safe products applied rapidly at your convenience.

Keep Store Shopping Simple

While it’s great to have customers returning to the shops, reducing browsing can help use time and space more efficiently and increase safety. Here are some ideas inspired by the National Retail Federation for keeping holiday shopping busy but socially distanced:

  • Use indoor spacing and outdoor expansion, heated if necessary
  • Simplify store displays and restaurant menus for focused visits
  • Virtual stores and menus using 360 VR website technology encourage remote browsing
  • Promote website use with special web-only deals
  • Show store activity levels and stock status online for visit planning
  • Offer clear pricing, product bundles and “prix fixe” style menu options for easier decision-making
  • Have employees roaming with mobile checkout terminals rather than just checkout lines

A Focus on Restrooms, Especially Busy When Customers Are On a Shopping Mission

Enviro-Master Services provides efficient, complete commercial restroom cleaning service, covering high-touch and strategic surface cleaning. Our broad-coverage electrostatic spraying service for long-lasting disinfection has been shown to continue working for up to a week.

At Enviro-Master Services, we keep in mind that toilet flush aerosol is a critical component of bathroom contamination, and sink splashing as well. Our commercial drain treatment and tile and grout deep cleaning help keep sinks and backsplashes attractive and prevent bacteria growth and odors as well. Count on us to handle the stocking of paper products and other restroom consumables for patrons and consider signage and exit hand sanitizer stations reminding visitors of recommended hygiene practices.

Your Holiday Cleaning Elves With Professional Cleaning And Sanitary Expertise

At Enviro-Master Services, we’re the behind-the-scenes solution that keeps customers coming back to your shop, cafe, or restaurant with visibly clean spaces. Reach out to us to prepare for holiday crowds with a plan for hygiene and cleaning, as an investment in a productive and healthful holiday season leading up to the New Year!

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