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Daycare Cleaning Checklist & Child-Safe Cleaning Guidelines

Keeping Facilities Clean and Safe While Learning and Having Fun at Daycare

These days, more than ever, careful cleaning and disinfecting practices are essential to providing a good daycare environment. Hygiene is not just important for the health of the children and workers. It’s also a way to make daycare work as a social and growth environment for kids, while limiting their exposure to pathogens that can complicate daycare service delivery.

At Enviro-Master Services, we tailor our commercial cleaning and disinfecting service for environments with children, including medical offices, schools, libraries, and daycare centers. Using child-safe products comes naturally to us, not just in our daycare cleaning service, and long-lasting disinfection such as our electrostatic spraying service helps daycare providers focus on the kids, not the constant cleaning.

Here are some guidelines and a checklist for daily use in daycare, along with ways that our daycare cleaning service can provide a foundation of cleanliness that parents and daycare providers can count on, based on the CDC’s notes for Early Childhood Education providers, and other experienced sources.

Key points for daily operations, which generally apply to adults and children alike:

  1. Frequent handwashing — it helps avoid spread to others by touch, and infection by hand to eyes, nose, mouth.
  2. Physical distancing — actively manage your “huggers” and others to avoid random close contact
  3. Proper use of masks — as appropriate for their age and current advisories.
  4. Cohorting — have children socialize in the same small group from day to day to avoid widespread interpersonal contagion and allow friendships and group interaction to continue to thrive.
  5. Regular and consistent cleaning and disinfection — use products EPA recognized on “List N” for their COVID-19 effects, or our daycare cleaning service that has carefully selected effective and safe products.
  6. Ventilation — Since COVID-19 in particular employs airborne transmission, careful ventilation can help keep the air fresh and limit airborne particles. These can remain for some time and be breathed in or land on surfaces. Here is information from the CDC on ventilation for childcare.

There are two important issues to consider when implementing these strategies:

  1. Provide a limited social environment that helps children thrive but controls the spread of COVID-19, influenza, and any other pathogens.
  2. Consistently apply daily rules, activities, and interactions, as well as cleaning processes, so that any possible contagion will be limited and can be traced to a smaller group than the entire population of the daycare.

Organizing and Cleaning Your Daycare Facility

The CDC has provided a visual plan for organizing childcare settings to control infection while still encouraging children to play, socialize, and grow. They also have provided guidance for developing a facility-specific checklist for cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning coverage by staff or a daycare cleaning service should be performed daily, more frequently if illness is known including:

  1. Prioritize high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas.
  2. Clean, launder, or disinfect soft surfaces and fabrics.
  3. Use wipeable covers for keyboards, tablets, and other electronics.
  4. Clean and disinfect play areas both indoors and outdoors, including recreational equipment.
  5. Don’t forget to clean restrooms, meal preparation areas, worker desks and offices or break rooms.

Benefits of Professional Daycare Cleaning Service

The CDC notes that many effective products, while people-safe after application, can be difficult for untrained personnel to apply safely due to the risk of spray inhalation, asthma triggering, and other temporary issues. It’s clear why many daycare facilities and other child-safe destinations rely on Enviro-Master Services, allowing their staff to focus on childcare. We provide commercial cleaning and disinfecting service including our electrostatic spraying service that delivers long-lasting disinfection, up to a week, remaining safely on surfaces.

Our COVID-19 cleaning service augments routine cleaning with virus-specific processes. Enviro-Master commercial restroom cleaning service provides a thorough cleaning process that keeps restrooms fresh and disinfected in both high-touch and occasional-touch areas. Our commercial drain treatment helps keep kitchen and bathroom sinks sanitary, and our tile and grout deep cleaning removes accumulated, sometimes toxic organic material such as mold while restoring an attractive appearance. For customized cleaning and disinfection for your daycare facility, take a break from cleaning and call us today.

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