Local COVID-19 Guidelines for Boston, Massachusetts

Like other amazing cities around the world, Beantown, or Boston, MA, has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. With tourists from around the United States and world flocking to Boston to get a piece of the local culture and American history, this city is at the top of many visitors’ travel lists. This has created a well-developed local tourist economy but is now threatened by numerous businesses being closed due to the lack of travel. For local businesses and those visiting from other domestic areas, it is important to understand the local COVID-19 guidelines and review the below questions local community members and visitors alike are now asking.

FAQs on Boston Reopening Policies for COVID-19

Q: What is Boston, Massachusetts’s reopening plan?

A: The City of Boston is following the State of Massachusetts reopening plan which includes implementing a variety of restrictions. The State has implemented a four-phase approach. Phase One opened construction, firearm retailers and shooting ranges, home services, manufacturing, some retail with curbside pickup-only, and pet grooming. Phase Two added indoor shopping with restrictions, auto dealer showroom shopping with restrictions, hotels and restaurants with restrictions, and close contact personal services. Phase Three reopened gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, movie theaters, aquariums, museums, theaters, schools, and outdoor events, all with restrictions. Phase Four will expand all restrictions in these locations and reopen bars, dance clubs, and nightclubs, beer gardens, and large capacity venues.

Q: Is it mandatory to wear a mask in Boston during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: On May 6th, the Governor mandated visitors and citizens to wear a mask or face covering in all locations.

Q: Are restaurants open in Boston?

A: Restaurants are currently open in Boston for indoor and outdoor dining with masks always being required except when sitting at a table. Currently, sitting at a bar is prohibited but standing around it is not. Restaurants can seat groups of up to 10 and the bar can be used for food service only if patrons are separated by at least six feet. These guidelines apply to indoor and outdoor dining locations.

Q: Are gyms open in Boston?

A: Gyms, fitness centers, and studios have all reopened in Boston. These facilities require a mask, visitors must be spaced at least 14-feet apart, and staff and members must ensure all machines and equipment are sanitized after use. Boston is in Phase Two of gym reopening which permits the 50-percent capacity of visitors. Floorplans have been re-engineered to ensure equipment is properly spaced to avoid clusters of people.

Q: What other businesses and services are open in Boston?

A: The State of Massachusetts and Boston are currently in Phase Three of the four-phase plan. That means all essential businesses, banks, financial services, in-house services, real estate companies, and construction are open with restrictions. Home services, manufacturing, auto dealers, drive-in theaters, hair salons, general offices, labs, pet grooming, casinos, retail stores, hotels, and restaurants have also reopened with restrictions.

Q: What does Boston, Massachusetts define as “essential business” during COVID?

A: Boston essential businesses and services are defined as healthcare, human services, and public health, law enforcement, first responders, and public safety, food and agriculture, energy, public utilities, transportation and logistics, infrastructure, communications and information technology, government-based operations, and critical manufacturing.

Q: Are large gatherings allowed in Boston, Massachusetts?

A: As of September 2020, the Governor allows larger gatherings with indoor gatherings to be limited to 25 people and outdoor gatherings at private locations limited to 50 people. Outdoor public events in Boston are also currently limited to 50 attendees.

Q: How can we keep Boston businesses open going amidst COVID?

A: The best practices a business can implement to ensure continuity is by complying with all state requirements and enforcing social distancing measures, mask-wearing, and limiting capacity. This also includes maintaining a regular sanitization schedule. Companies like Enviro-Master Services (EMS) can help implement and maintain an ongoing disinfection service for your business. EMS utilizes the latest technology to kill COVID-19 and other viruses thus keeping the surfaces of your business clean.

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