Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines for Boston, MA

Operating A Restaurant in Boston, MA With The Latest COVID-19 Guidelines

The city of Boston continues to reopen the economy, one piece at a time, and is working in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations as it pertains to restaurants and specifically indoor, as well as outdoor dining. The most recent updates for the city of Boston have come out in September and October of 2020 pertaining to operating a restaurant in Boston, MA. Adherence to these is critical to remain open and be able to serve clients, one meal at a time.

Indoor Dining and Outdoor Dining Allowed

The city of Boston, MA is allowing restaurants to do both indoor dining as well as outdoor dining. The city does recommend, though, that restaurants encourage the use of outdoor table service as much as possible. The more restaurants push outdoor table service, the better per the guidance from the city.

With indoor and outdoor dining allowed, the city of Boston is still requiring tables to be in a position where there are at least six feet of distance between each location. In the event that tables are closer than six feet, it is essential to have a barrier between the two locations, such as a wall or plexiglass. The other piece of the equation for restaurants is to establish hallways and passageways with directional instructions, to get foot traffic going in one direction.

Seating capacity in the city of Boston is still set at a maximum party of six. While outside of the city of Boston in the state of Massachusetts, the number is at 10 per party.

With indoor dining also comes questions pertaining to bar seating. In the city of Boston, MA, you can have bar seating but any active work area behind the bar needs to be six feet away from the edge of the bar location. The alternative to this is that there is a plexiglass barrier between the patrons in the restaurant and the active workers. The barrier can only have eight inches of space to pass food and drinks, with a height requirement of at least 30 inches.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Restaurants in the city of Boston, MA need to continue to go above and beyond when it comes to cleaning and sanitation. The better you can do with cleaning for your establishment, the more safe clients will feel with each passing meal. The CDC recommends cleaning of high-contact areas every two hours. Professional cleaning services such as Enviro-Master can assist with keeping this cadence going. They can help you take it one step at a time, doing professional cleaning to maintain a sanitary and quality experience for patrons.

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