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Checklist for Maintaining Healthy Drains in Restaurants

What Makes Your Drains Unhealthy?

There’s a lot going on in your restaurant’s plumbing while you’re busy cooking, serving, and washing up. You’d think pipes just carry water in, and carry waste out, but for starters the waste pipes are also keeping sewer gases from bubbling back up. If your restaurant kitchen drains were unused or underused during the last year or more, you may have a few things to learn about restoring them to full function. You may also want a commercial drain treatment to start fresh, so to speak, as you get busy again. At Enviro-Master Services, we like making customers’ spaces something they’ll be proud of. Let’s start with the foul smell that unused drains tend to emit.

Resolving Odor Issues

That foul smell coming from floor drains may be due to inactivity and everything stuck in there that has dried out. A comprehensive back-to-work disinfection of your drains with our foaming drain treatment and all surfaces and touchpoints with our professional electrostatic spraying service can also reduce odors and contamination.

Don’t forget the bathroom, which like many these days is probably ready for our tile and grout cleaning service. Our commercial restroom cleaning service on an ongoing basis will remove the burden of hygiene off your staff and make a big difference for your customers.

Checklist for Maintaining Healthy Drains

  1. Use a commercial grade sink strainer to keep waste out of the pipe.
  2. Use a periodic commercial drain treatment to keep the pipes healthy and clear.
  3. Run boiling water down commercial sinks to clear grease and oils.
  4. Use a fat trap to keep animal fats and other clog sources from going down the drain.
  5. Have your plumber perform a periodic video inspection of the drain, especially if it’s slow.

Keep Your Incoming Water Healthy, Too

  1. Get your water fresh and metal-free after standing in pipes for months by running each faucet for 30 minutes.
  2. Have a plumber examine pipes for internal corrosion and build-up, especially if you have hard water.

Is Your Restaurant’s Plumbing in Good Shape After Shutdown? Do You Have the Staff to Keep It Up?

As restaurants are returning to the rush of full capacity, they’re also catching up with their facilities that have been understaffed or even closed for quite some time. In order to keep up, a few basic functions are critical to ongoing success, including total surface cleaning and plumbing maintenance.

Add Enviro-Master Services to Your Reopening Team

Enviro-Master Services provides commercial cleaning and disinfecting service, drain cleaning service, tile and grout cleaning service and other specialties that help you keep up with reopening at full capacity. We also help you maintain hygiene in your business, especially when additional staff remain difficult to hire. Call Enviro-Master Services for expert help with your restaurant cleanliness.


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