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What to Do About Commercial Tile & Grout Problems

Once You’ve Noticed, How Do You Deal with Dirty Tile and Dingy Grout on Your Floors or Walls?

The first step with tile and grout problems is recognizing that there’s a problem. Once you’ve realized that you have an eyesore on your hands, your first step is not to get on your knees and scrub. First, identify the materials. As experts in tile and grout cleaning service, at Enviro-Master we know that not all tile floors and other surfaces are the same. The right cleaning techniques for one type of tile or grout can mean disaster for another. Here are a few tips on how to address different types of tile and grout. If you’d like, our tile and grout deep cleaning service would be glad to help you, along with our commercial cleaning and disinfecting service. We’ll get all this complication off your mind as your surfaces get clean.

The Cleaning Method Depends on the Setting

At Enviro-Master Services, we provide restroom cleaning service and specific cleaning for gyms, medical buildings, restaurants and clubs. In some cases, tile and grout is basic and simple to deal with. In other cases, exquisite tiles and decorative grout present a challenging cleaning situation. Both tiles and grout can be easily damaged by the wrong choice of cleaner, and restoration can be costly. Residential bathrooms and kitchens may be beautifully presented in patterns and accents that are just waiting for a DIYer or untrained cleaner to deface. Grout can be white or with colors mixed in, sealed or unsealed, epoxy only or mixed with cement. Tiles can be clay, ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, granite, limestone, and other materials. While ceramic tile is common and easy to clean, it’s important to be sure what you’re dealing with. The same goes with grout: if sealed, cleaning is usually easy.

Some Tips to Help You Clean the Grunge of Common Floor and Bathroom Tiles

  1. A white vinegar and warm water spray is your general-purpose solution. One part vinegar to two parts warm water, sprayed and lightly scrubbed on tiles and grout, and rinsed promptly. You can use stronger cleaners when necessary, but always start with something simple like this. If you clean often enough, you won’t need the powerful chemicals.
  2. Floor grout absorbs so much that it may look like it has color when it’s white. Cleaning removes absorbed material, and the mold (pink, orange, and black) that grows on it.
  3. Discoloration of tiles can come from water leaks occurring behind them.
  4. Sealed grout is easier and safer to clean, but the seal can diminish over time, which makes cleaning harder.
  5. Steam cleaning grout is an excellent alternative.

At Enviro-Master Services, our restroom cleaning service and commercial cleaning and disinfecting service take your tile and grout into account. We use gentle, environmentally responsible cleaning products and leave your entire space looking and smelling clean and hygienic. Call us for a quote today.

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