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Church Cleaning Checklist: Keeping Religious Facilities Clean

Religious organizations value their physical location as a place to build community and practice their values. Much like every public space, churches are full of a variety of people, young and old, traveling near and far. With high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces, it is vital facility managers or church executives look to regular cleaning services to keep their worshipers healthy and safe. If you are looking for a professional cleaner to meet the cleaning needs of your religious facility, you can count on the commercial cleaning experts at Enviro-Master Services.

To explain how Enviro-Master Services helps church leaders keep their place of worship safe, sanitary, and clean, we’ve put together a comprehensive church cleaning checklist. If you would like to start formulating an effective cleaning process for your church building, start with the following steps and contact EMS for all of your church cleaning needs.

Church Cleaning Checklist

1. Putting a Cleaning Plan in Place 

Regular cleaning is just as important as thorough cleaning, meaning that it’s a good idea to put together a cleaning schedule for cleaning your church property on a regular basis. When putting together this cleaning schedule, be sure to take into account daily, weekly, and monthly considerations. A cleaning task such as drain treatment may only need to be done on a monthly basis, while other tasks such as using a vacuum cleaner to clean high-traffic areas or emptying trash cans may need to be completed on a weekly or even daily basis. 

Creating a cleaning template that breaks cleaning activities down based on how often they need to be performed is a great way to organize your cleaning projects and ensure that no important cleaning activity is overlooked. It can also be a great way to get a bird’s eye view of your religious organization’s cleaning needs so that you can decide which cleaning services and products you need to purchase. 

Just keep in mind that there may be times when you have to deviate from this cleaning schedule. Following a special occasion or mass gathering, for example, your building may require a deep cleaning beyond the weekly cleaning tasks that you already have on the schedule. Of course, there are also occasions where an impromptu cleaning is required in order to resolve issues such as spills that need to be attended to right away. 

Cleaning products

2. Stocking the Right Cleaning Products & Equipment 

Cleaning a church building requires a lot of cleaning products and equipment, and whether you hire a commercial cleaning company or not, it’s important to keep these items on hand for any spills or daily cleaning needs.

If you are going to stock your own cleaning products and equipment, here are the items that you will need to keep on hand, starting with cleaning products: 

  • Sanitizing solution 
  • Glass cleaner 
  • Stain remover 
  • Air fresheners 
  • Liquid soap 
  • Oven cleaner 

Of course, this list isn’t comprehensive, and the exact cleaning products that your church will need to purchase will ultimately depend on the specific needs of your building and congregation. It is also worth noting that this list doesn’t include other products that you will need to stock such as hand soap/hand sanitizer, toilet paper, Kleenexes, and paper towels. 

Be sure to check out our selection of industry-leading cleaning products. These products that we offer for sale are the same ones that our technicians use and have been carefully chosen for their safety, effectiveness, and quality. Whether you are planning on performing cleaning tasks yourself or simply want to be prepared in case of a mess or spill, our professional-grade cleaning products are great to have on hand! 

As for the cleaning equipment that you will need to purchase, a few great pieces of equipment to have on hand include: 

  • A vacuum cleaner 
  • A carpet cleaner 
  • A mop
  • A broom and a dustpan 

While all of these cleaning supplies and equipment are great to have on hand, you may not need to purchase and stock all of them yourself if you decide to work with a professional cleaning service. At Enviro-Master Services, we use our own high-quality and environmental-friendly cleaning products to perform routine church cleaning services. We also use our own equipment, including cutting-edge cleaning equipment such as an electrostatic sprayer that can be used to sanitize surfaces and entire rooms in a way that is eco-friendly and non-toxic. 

As for the other products such as toilet paper and hand soap that you will need to stock in order to serve the needs of your congregation, Enviro-Master Services can help with this as well. With our Hand Hygiene Program and Paper Management Program, we restock all restroom soaps, hand sanitizers, and paper products on a routine basis so that your church never has to worry about running out of important restroom supplies. 

3. Hiring the Right Cleaning Company 

Smaller churches can often get by without hiring commercial cleaning services if they have members that are willing to perform the necessary tasks. Most churches, though, will need to work with a professional cleaning company to ensure that their needs are met. 

It’s important to choose a company that offers top-notch cleaning products, experienced technicians, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. At Enviro-Master Services, we have been providing industry-leading commercial cleaning services to organizations all over the country since 2009, and our expert technicians strive to go above and beyond expectations with every project that they take on. We also proudly make use of safe, effective, and eco-friendly cleaning products such as an electrostatic sprayer equipped with hospital-grade germicide and enzyme-based drain cleaner for clearing clogs without using corrosive chemicals. 

Just as importantly, Enviro-Master Services offers a range of cleaning services to ensure that all of your church’s needs are met. These services include commercial cleaning services for your entire building as well as a paper management program and hand hygiene program to keep your church’s paper products and hand sanitizer stocks at optimum levels. 

If you would like to work with a commercial cleaning service that will treat your church building with the care and respect that it deserves, you can count on Enviro-Master Services! 

4. Utilizing the Best Church Cleaning Checklist 

At Enviro-Master Services, we customize our cleaning services to meet the unique needs of each church building that we clean. With our expertise and techniques, we can set up the best cleaning schedule and checklist for your facility. If you would to learn more about our church cleaning process, the following is a church cleaning guide, highlighting key high-traffic areas we normally address.

Note that the schedule for how often the tasks on this checklist need to be completed varies both from task to task and building to building. Working to determine how often each of the tasks on this checklist needs to be performed is part of how we customize our church cleaning services to meet the needs of our customers. 


  • Sweep interior and exterior entrance areas
  • Dust and clean the doors and doorknobs 
  • Sweep and mop/vacuum the lobby floor  
  • Clean glass and reception furniture surfaces
  • Restock water dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers, and tissue dispensers if applicable  
  • Wipe down walls 

Worship Areas

  • Sweep and mop/vacuum the floor
  • Dust the walls, windowsills, and other surfaces  
  • Clean the windows and other glass surfaces 
  • Wipe down and polish wooden pews, railings, and other wood surfaces  
  • Wipe and clean window blinds 
  • Clean and clear the altar area
  • Dust and arrange instruments 


  • Sweep and mop/vacuum the floor
  • Clean and sanitize all countertops and surfaces 
  • Deep clean ovens, stoves, toasters, microwaves, and other appliances inside and out 
  • Clean and put away dirty dishes 
  • Clean light fixtures, faucets, and sinks 
  • Empty waste bins 
  • Clean the inside of the refrigerator 
  • Restock soap and paper products 


  • Empty waste bins
  • Dust desk, chairs, cabinets, shelves, and other surfaces 
  • Wipe and clean office equipment 
  • Clean windows and other glass surfaces 
  • Sweep and mop/vacuum the floors
  • Wipe down walls


  • Sweep and mop/vacuum floors 
  • Clean and arrange toys and other objects
  • Empty waste bins
  • Change sheets in the nursery 
  • Disinfect surfaces 
  • Clean windows and window blinds 
  • Wipe down walls 


  • Mop the floors
  • Empty waste bins
  • Clean the walls, sink, and toilets 
  • Restock soap and paper products 
  • Disinfect every surface 
  • Restock air fresheners 
  • Clean storage cabinets 
  • Inspect drains 
  • Check toilet and sink plumbing for leaks and cracks 

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How EMS Helps Clean Churches 

At Enviro-Master Services, we proudly partner with churches all across the United States to help them keep their religious buildings clean, sanitary, and well-stocked. If you would like to hire a professional cleaning service to ensure that your patrons have a clean and safe place to gather and worship then we at Enviro-Master Services look forward to being at your service. If you would like to learn more about any of the commercial cleaning services that we offer, be sure to browse our website or feel free to contact us today


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