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COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines in Cincinnati, Ohio

The number of COVID-19 cases continues to surge across the world. With the cooler weather approaching, mayors and governors across the United States are releasing new restaurant guidelines to protect diners while keeping the economy moving. In Ohio, government officials have lifted stay-at-home orders and restaurants have reopened with specific restrictions. The most recent change was expended outdoor dining to patrons to accompany the existing carry-out, delivery, and curbside pickup services.

Employee Requirements

Employees are required to keep six-feet between each other and use barriers when possible. Also, they must increase surface cleaning frequency, sanitizing, handwashing, and monitor the compliance of guests and other employees. Businesses must require and enforce visitors, including employees, to use face coverings while on the property. Employees are also required to conduct daily symptom assessments before arriving at work and stay at home if symptomatic. The restaurant must provide ServSafe or another type of approved COVID-19 education with every new hire and ensure all existing employees are familiar with the information. Furthermore, one individual at every restaurant is the central contact point and required to meet specific state certification requirements.

Customer Requirements

Restaurant guests are required to ensure at least six-feet between parties when dining and waiting to be seated. If this is not possible, then they must use barriers and protective devices. Customers are required to wear face coverings whenever they are not seated. If customers are symptomatic, they cannot enter the facility and handwashing/sanitization products are required in all high-contact areas.

The state also recommends symptom questionnaires to be posted at the entrance, a dedicated entrance and exit door (when possible) to eliminate guests walk past one another and encourage patrons to make reservations. Also, the at-risk population is encouraged to use alternate dining options like pick-up, curbside, drive through, and delivery.

Physical Space Requirements

The current indoor dining capacity in Ohio is at 100% but tables must be distanced at least 6-feet apart and the maximum number of patrons per party is 10. Dining establishments must post a kitchen floor plan and maximum dining area capacity with compliant floor plans. Daily cleaning is required for the entire property including the cleaning and sanitization of chairs, tabletops, and menus between each seating. All high-touch areas must be cleaned every two hours.

How Commercial Cleaning Services Can Help

To ensure thorough daily COVID cleaning services are implemented, Enviro-Master Services (EMS) features their Virus Vaporizer electrostatic sprayer which disinfects any surface creating a food-safe barrier against bacteria and germs. EMS’s Restroom & Hygiene Service uses the same electrostatic disinfection service to disinfect and deep clean all areas of the room, ensuring almost 99% of bacteria, germs, and viruses are eliminated.

With the onslaught of the cold weather, guests will be more inclined to move inside for their dining experience. The Ohio Government is taking the necessary precautions to protect patrons who choose to dine at a restaurant. To complement these requirements, adding commercial cleaning services from EMS will ensure you are providing the safest possible environment for your guests and employees.


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